Optical Illusion Game - Who can be the first to see it?

What does this say? Who can be the first to answer correctly?

the chief

[quote=“zender”]the chief[/quote] :roflmao:
Let’s hope Mr T can read it.


Camptown Races

TOMMY or POMMY or COMMY or something … when I look to the left, I lose the image.

Awesome. Well done! :bravo: :notworthy:

Come now. Mr Zender got it first. “The Chief”. :roflmao:

[quote=“jimipresley”]Come now. Mr Zender got it first. “The Chief”. :roflmao:[/quote]Well, it’s kind of funny because I wanted to use the name of a well known Forumosan and my first choice was “The Chief”, but it was too long. My second choice was “Jimmy Presley” but that was waaay too long…then I noticed your signature line, “Tommy - Shut the fuck up” and I knew I had a winner! Should I say “well known” or “notoriously known”? :smiley:

No more words. Here’s one with a hidden picture. What is it?

Tommy’s toy plane!

[quote=“zender”]Tommy’s toy plane![/quote]Superb! :bravo: :notworthy:

Last one for tonight. What is it? Come on Zender, impress me!

That’s one of tommy’s hare-brained postings!

[quote=“jimipresley”]That’s one of tommy’s hare-brained postings![/quote]Correcto! Nicely done!

Man, I’m kinda bummed. I thought this would be harder for you guys than it “appears” to be. My mom gave me a giant wall poster many moons ago and it took me six months to finally see it. Now, for some reason, I can just look at them and the images or words jump right off the picture at me, or jump into the picture depending on the type of illusion. Perhaps it’s about old age? I gotta find a harder one for you people! :ponder:

Yeah. Those 3-D things. Struggled at first but now I see them in a flash. Kinda funky, though.

weird i saw no writing at all. only some cats in last one

dont see anything


Tommy: take your face right up to the screen. Focus on the center and slowly draw your head back. Your eyes must be out of focus with the image. Practice a bit and they just pop out. Quite a thing, really.

Dr Urodacus: How does it work?