Opting Out of Measles Vaccine for Health Check

What on earth is the problem with an MMR vaccine? It’s utterly simple and routine to receive it. Viola, problem solved!



Hope its been notarised.


I would be surprised if that was the case. But I don’t know for sure.

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I want to know as well! I’m not judging at all just curious. MMR vaccines aren’t new and if you’re healthy there is less risk getting the vaccine than getting sick from any of them. It’s not like Russian Roulette with AZ or COVID.

I’m not sure that might be the case here.

Don’t worry about Guy’s response, he’s like that with many people.

I understand where you’re coming from in the context of current vaccines and also all that has been said about them in the historical context, including the MMR, if you’ve done any research into it, which, I suspect you have, hence your hesitancy.

@BigDave, I think you might be surprised. My friend who taught here has never taken a vaccine. I shall check with him, but he’s not very good at replying promptly.


Germany’s measles vaccine mandate is fully in effect. Can’t attend school without it and school is mandatory (no home schooling allowed). Immunizations will also be required for adults born after 1970 who work with children in public institutions. MMR shots were pretty standard in Germany before that anyway.

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I had seven health checks before my APRC, and was never asked about vaccinations, let alone had to prove anything.

It’s proven in your bloodwork.

They look for proof of immunity.


Recent polio case in US was not vaccinated and probably got it because he/she was exposed to someone vaccinated with the oral polio vaccine. In New York City, with people all over the globe, exposed to the max to a variety of virus, being non vaccinated was not that safe. Just saying for comparison.

Same in Taiwan, you are not surrounded by a homogeneous population as in your hometown. And if anyone is in teaching, you know kids are petri dishes for a smorgasbord of bacteria, viruses and general ickyness. So not getting the MMR as an adult might leave you with health consequences such as infertility or brain damage. You say you might have an allergic reaction to the vaccine. Check it with your doctor’s and balance the need versus the aftereffects. Otherwise, safest then is not to come here at all or teach out of the homogeneous population where MMR cases are rare and hence vaccine not such a need. Yet.

This! I was told I have to pay extra for a blood test. No idea why they can’t pull up the test from last time.

Look, if you live in the first world and have little exposure to outsiders then you do not “need” the vaccine that much as if you were in a place with exposure such as hospital, airport or even schools, where people of different parts of the world mix and hence the risk is higher.

Going or living in the third world where traditional diseases are still rampant and not vaccinating endangers yourself and others.

Think of these diseases as mosquitoes. You can either choose to go on vacation to a place without mosquitoes or you can pack a mosquito netting and repellent. Or get malaria/Zika etc Yes, repellent is a chemical, so you and only you can decide if you want to go through which choice. And I am not mentioning yellow fever vaccines here. Keeping it simple.

In Taiwan, most have had the vaccine.

I think i had the choice of show certification (which i didn’t have), have tests or have the vaccine again. i just got it again as it was quicker than waiting for the test results.

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When I did my health test, I didn’t show certification and I wasn’t asked for it. The blood test just seemed to be part of it. I passed.

I was vaxxed in the 1990s.

Mine would have been in the 70’s early 80’s.

Ditto. And while I did have a measles shot as an infant—I was less than a year old; it’s amazing I have not sued my parents for this, isn’t it?—I didn’t have the MR.

How did I solve this intractable problem as an adult? I got the shot.


Your trophy is in the post.


Well there’s a shock…to no one. I’m only surprised that you didn’t ask if you could have two at once for additional obedience points. :rofl:



Yeah, I rolled up my sleeves and said, I’ll take the MMMMRR, please! I’ll be back in 3 months for my booster.

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While locals have had their shots, they interact with Japanese, who have a certain population that hasn’t, for example. There are ocasional measles cases reported on the news. And yes, they get their 5 minutes of Fame.