Opting Out of Measles Vaccine for Health Check

I don’t believe this is approved in most countries. Better stick with the old fashioned MMR vaccine that had been safely administered since the 1970s. If you’re an adult, you don’t even need a booster, one dose is sufficient.

@Die-Schweig At least in the US you can get around the requirement if you can prove that you had all 3 diseases. That might also work as a workaround in Taiwan.

Yes, that’s was suggested above:

I know I haven’t had the MMR, but passed the blood test, twice (two ARC hospital tests). I’ve had the underlying diseases. And presumably, if you haven’t, you wont pass the test and they’ll require the vaccination.

Yea that sounds right to me.

My friend got back to me. He says teachers in international schools (with licenses) don’t need health checks. He’s worked here over a decade and hasn’t had the MMR. I do remember some making a comment about normal teachers being considered ‘dirty’ compared to those who have proper licenses (probably on Forumosa!).

He suggested asking for an exemption with the doctor, or maybe doing the antibody test to see if you come through OK.


Ok, I’m officially surprised. Maybe it is to do with one group being under the MOE and the other being under the MOL?

Thanks. I learn something new every day.

Could be. I didn’t ask why, that would take another week :slight_smile: I do remember him saying he didn’t have to do the health checks. It doesn’t make logical sense, since both are teaching children, but not a lot of stuff does make logical sense anymore.

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This is awesome and potentially an option rather than slaving away at cram schools.

I remember taking the MMR series as a child though and the CDC seems to think that I’m covered for life as far as antibodies goes. Did any have this experience too? Or found that they had to update their record despite getting immunized as a kid.

Good luck. You’ve had the test? I didn’t have MMR but I passed the test (twice).