Options to stay in Taiwan: Get a job? Setting up a rep office? Invest USD200K?

Im i missing something about the usd 200k?

I thought its an investment not a business

I thought the Business was 500k nt and needs things like a lease… ie a real business

And investment residency does require you to exit and return with a visitor visa remarked “A” , is this correct?

Im learning,

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You can highlight the text you want to quote.

Any existing Taiwan company? Do you still have to create a company to invest in an existing company? I read that you can also invest in government bonds…

Excuse me?

You can create a company and invest in that. Or you can find an existing company which wants investment, and invest in that. Some kinds of businesses are off limits or require extra (time consuming) approvals. The bonds option is NT$30M but that cannot represent more than 30% of your net worth. I heard (unconfirmed) there are no more bonds to buy anyway, as the banks ate them all.

I think he meant Canada is not a high risk country. :grinning:

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Yes, LOL.

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All are investments. For less than US$200k you can only start your own business, and hire yourself as a manager. The min investment here is NT$500k. Recommend more or MOL wont grant you very long on your permit. To maintain your ARC you have succeed in running the business according to their metrics. You must invest in your own business (ie start your own business). You will need a lease to form a company.

Investment of at least US$200k entitles you to residence by investment visa. For this amount you can either start your own business or invest into an existing Taiwanese enterprise. After 5 years, you can apply for a APRC. You must maintain minimum residence in Taiwan during this period, more more than 90 days out each year.

Investment of NT$15M into a new or existing enterprise entitles you to a residence by investment visa, and ARC. If you create 5 full time jobs to Taiwanese, paying the minimum set salary, and maintain that for 3 years, you can apply for a Plum Blossom card after 3 years.

Do you have to keep the US200K in Taiwanese investment after you get the APRC?

Once you have your APRC you can exit the investment.

Can I invest in a friend’s company? Does the company have to generate a certain amount of revenue per year?

I saw this on another website:

After 5 years of consecutive legal residency, you may apply for a permanent residence permit. To qualify, you must have been physically present in Taiwan for at least 183 days each year, your monthly income must be at least twice that of the minimum wage set by the council of Labor Affairs and your net worth must be valued at over NTD5,000,000.


If you investment more than 1000k USD, you get APRC after 3 years.

Article 12
The National Immigration Agency may grant permanent residency to aliens applying for investment immigration to Taiwan who have met one of the following conditions:

  1. Having invested worth over NTD(New Taiwan Dollar)15,000,000 in a for-profit enterprise, and having created five or more job opportunities for ROC nationals for over 3 years;
  2. Having invested worth over NTD (New Taiwan Dollar) 30,000,000 in Central Government Bonds, for over 3 years.

Actually it’s a but more nuanced if I remember correctly: For the US$200k option, each year you must accumulate enough days to be tax resident which is 183 days. But you also cannot leave for more than 90 days at a time each time you leave. If you don’t meet that requirement, your “continuous stay” will break, and your clock will reset. You need 5 years continuous stay.

The net worth and salary issue is not related to $200k investment path. It’s related to starting a business and hiring yourself as a manager. Salary currently needs to be min NT$47,971 per month (twice the national average). I don’t recall the net worth requirement, I think that is related to the Entrepreneur visa.

Overall there are 5 schemes each with different criterion. There are two sets of criterion. One is what’s needed to renew your ARC (like a business needs to gross certain amounts). Then the other is requirements for getting APRC after you accumulate the necessary years (5yr resident, 3 years resident, or 3 years without being resident depending on the investment path).

  1. Start a business and hire yourself as manager (min NT$500k)
  2. Entrepreneur visa (min NT$2M)
  3. Invest US$200k with residency requirements
  4. NT$15M and employ 5 people for 3 years
  5. Invest in bonds totaling NT$30M for 3 years

You can of course get someone you know to hire you as a manager of a company, but you’ll need to satisfy the eligibility requirements (e.g. education). If you start your own business and hire yourself as the manager then those are waived.

The MOEIC needs to approve all these “investment” paths, and that’s not guaranteed and will depend on your circumstances.

Anyway, IANAL. Hope the information is roughly helpful.

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$200k option is subject to approval by the MOEAIC (as are all investments in Taiwan, foreign or domestic). As far as I remember, $200k option has no particular revenue requirements, but it has residency requirements.

I think your exchange rate is off. Around US$500k with the job creation or around US$1M if bonds (but that is currently unavailable it seems). These particular amounts are specifically in NT$ in the regulations.

Your information is very helpful. Thank you.

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In some countries, if you buy a property (to live in) that is equal to or exceeds the required amount, you do not qualify for an investment visa.
Now, if the property is for rent, or if, for example, I am going to open my restaurant on that property, then it can be considered part of the capital for the investment visa.
in Taiwan someone knows about this point?

I was in much same situation as you.

Ok I recommend you do whatever option you decide on and get work permit remit to ARC before you leave Taiwan.

I had to leave Taiwan for a family commitment and had a business set up for me by CPA in my absence by POA.
All gone through have the work permit, however I still can’t return to Taiwan to start business because I don’t have a special permission needed from CECC to get a visa.
My money is stuck in Taiwan bank that I can’t access as I need to be in Taiwan in person to finally verify account.
So basically they happy to set business up, give me a work permit for ARC, I have to verify VAT on no trading but won’t let me in to trade.
I’ve decided to cut my losses, return to Taiwan possibly 2023, close business and bank account. Go where business minded western foreigners are welcome.
I could enter if I was SEA poorly paid and people they can abuse are what Taiwan wants.

It’s confusing, right? And there is not much info about it in the internet. Even on the official website.

I think it’s really meant for people who are setting up a business in Taiwan. Like what shen_shung described. Also based on Bimmerjeff’s experience on the other thread. Although they will probably ok putting the money in an investment fund from a local bank. And even then doesn’t seem to be that straightforward, and you need a local CPA help setting up the bank accounts, etc.

You will need a CPA to create the business to qualify for the investment visas. As a previous poster said making the business does not qualify you for the visa automatically, but it is required as part of the process. You have to hold the $200k in a local bank, and you will need the CPA or another local to help you set up the accounts it takes hours and all in Chinese. Once you deposit your funds it’s quite easy to invest within the same bank (stock or bond funds), and I am pretty sure you can use the money to buy a house as well. Pretty much anything can be bought as long as it’s in Taiwan and in TWD. I also bought my car with the business funds, as it was registered to the business. It’s a lot of hassle to set up the accounts and visa, but easy once this is done to use your money. One big thing you cannot do tho is pay your personal apartment rent! Also note when you leave for good you will have to pay a cpa to close the business via court system, cost me 8000ntd.

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