Orangeman's slow spiral of death following Capitol Riot

I feel Trump is through. The Capitol Riot was the last straw. You see his power slipping every day, from regular folks who are now turning their backs on Trump, to famous folks who no longer want any association with the Orangeman, and to those in high positions who are publicly condemning him. Here’s just one example:


They are making an example out of him and a lesson to anyone who think they can challenge the establishment.


The poor martyr. He definitely did not do anything to deserve it – you know, since he has consistently been so upstanding by playing by the rules.


Republican politicians, maybe. But regular folks, a football coach, businesses who care only about the bottom line. It’s hard for me to see any conspiracy in this. Trump just screwed up and people can see the weakness. Some are pouncing on this as a result. Others are finally seeing the light.


You seem to be under the mistaken impression the establishment is there to serve your needs, it isn’t, you are a nuisance to them, they serve corporations, the same corporations that are now uniting to eradicate Trump and any of his followers.

It is what it is. Anyway, hes gone in about a week or so. Take a little longer to eradicate the wrong think from his followers and they may be some collateral dame along the way, but pretty sure they will restore the status quo.


That’s the story of his life and it will not end well.

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This reads as quite edgy, and I sure you felt edgy typing it, but please realize that I understand that things aren’t so black and white and that “the establishment” does not have my interest at heart (truly) either.

However, when it comes to politics you sometimes just have to suck it up and choose the “lesser evil”.

Where we differ is this point. I trust - exponentially more - the establishment who, last time I checked, is for a smooth and peaceful transition of power. They are also much more aligned in the direction of returning the US to be the “shining city upon the hill” again, rather than some “what have you done for me lately” extortion-happy mafioso state that disenfranchises traditional allies, while cozying up to dictators and authoritarians.

Trump steaks, Trump University, THE WALL (that Mexico still strangely has not paid for), and countless other examples are all just grift games played by Trump. As he fucked with American society and fomented fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the system and rule of law like never before, America’s soft power has cratered and us Americans have become a laughingstock. This did not happen under “the establishment”, and I look forward to a return to normalcy after experiencing this blight in American history firsthand, yeah.


Most politicians that start out ideologically must sooner or later turn their coat and submit to the ‘establishment’ or just go back to were they came from. There are very few countries where ideology in politics wins.

I wonder how he gets his cut paid.

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There is a painful irony within that statement, I will see if someone else picks up on it and points it out to you.


Nice and snide I see. Or you could just spit it out. Perhaps too high of a road?

Or is this some smarmy reference to the US historically helping contribute to coups/disruptive transitions of power in areas where it has interests?

Stick to your damn side of the ocean will you.

Nothing snide, it’s a conversation you don’t want, I am respecting that.

Indeed. Good catch. So rich in irony. I see that often on these threads.

We live off irony and sarcasm.

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The suspension of Trump’s channel came after comments that he made at a news conference, which was streamed on the platform on Tuesday morning, the company said.

Youtube’s action against the president comes after U.S. civil rights groups told Reuters that they were set to organize an advertiser boycott against the company if it does not remove Trump’s channel.

Others are afraid dude. Of losing their livelihood, friends and family due to a sloppy thoguht purge.

James, it’s all in good fun Comey sees the danger. What goes around comes around. The DNC seems to always forget this. 3 SCOTUS confirmations. Dozens and dozens of judges.

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So could we get all nationalist chinese kicked off social media platforms or what? Since they are all inciting violence against taiwanese. Hong kongers too.

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