Orangeman's slow spiral of death following Capitol Riot

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth . . .

Oregon’s U.S. Attorney’s Office filed the most cases classified as domestic terrorism in 2020 compared to all other federal districts, according to a court tracking clearinghouse run by Syracuse University.

Most of the cases stemmed from consecutive nightly protests last summer outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse in the wake of George Floyd’s killing by police in Minneapolis.

Wait, I thought nobody was going after BLM and antifa.

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Good. Don’t burn down federal courthouses.

Most of the cases stemmed from consecutive nightly protests last summer outside the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse

By the end of September, 40 people had been accused of assault on a federal officer and 15 faced the rare charge of civil disorder during protests, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Others were charged with destruction of government property, arson or attempted arson of federal property and violating national defense airspace.

Cases categorized as domestic terrorism include allegations of assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees, alleged threats against the president, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds, importing or storing explosives, civil disorders and making threatening communications.

If only we could have seen this coming and tried to shut down the hyperbole:


Ain’t nuthin but a stint in federal prison thang.

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How can you go after something that doesn’t physically exists?

You are trying to compare apples to potatoes.
Trump needs to be impeached!
Let walk to the Capitol. I’ll walk with you.
He made himself the organizer of this demonstration/protest.
If he had just talked and told them " I love you and shit" OK, however, with that one sentence he decided to take control.
Then later he refused to take actions to control the crowed he sent over there. Instead he watched it on TV.
I don’t know what it takes for people like you to see where you are wrong. Maybe, in a few years when they come after you because your grandma was a Jew!

He was pretending than those guys didn’t get prosecuted, and just figured out that they do, must be disappointed…

Now he is pretending that there is no prevention to prevent them to re-offend, but there is.

Criminals are criminals, no matter the side, and police goes after them.

Comparison is the theft of joy.

Uhm, he has been. Twice now.

I’ve been there. It’s boring. I try not to do purely symbolic things.

What exactly am I wrong about?

You seem deranged.

Yeah! sure!

That has fuck all to do with me, pal. What was the context of that protest or are you simply attracted to the pretty red and orange flags?

And, I believe I started a thread that suggested that those old statutes should all come down and sink into the mud.

Tell that to the Democratic mayor of Portland.

(Portland Mayor) Wheeler’s recently taken a more aggressive stance toward such illegal activity following back-to-back nights of violence and vandalism in Portland, including a riot on New Year’s Eve that left extensive damage to downtown store fronts.

Describing the suspected perpetrators as “violent antifa and anarchists,” the mayor on New Year’s Day asked state lawmakers to create tougher criminal penalties for protest-related property destruction and amend current laws to allow police to conduct greater surveillance at demonstrations.

This picture was condemned by the majority of all Dems.
Secondly, I don’t see the connection with Joe Biden. He did not instruct taking this and he isn’t holding this pumpkin either.
The majority of liberals are against capital punishment Trump ordered federal executions this year.

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Giuliani will have to get in line with many Trump contractors

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You seem to be mixing threads. I can’t follow you.

Rule of thumb: A hobo living by an underpass could do it and it would be whatabouted in contrast with the actions of elected GOP officials, or held up as something endorsed by a whole party.