Oriental (Or eastern) short hair/ or Short hair siamese breeders

Im looking for a source of purebred cats,
Yes i have been to cat stores and shelters looking and asking.
Im from usa :us: and we google breeders easily or find them at cat shows.
Im not deep into taiwanese cat funk but im trying, to find the goods.
Anybody know about these breeds in taiwan?
Apparently orientals are almost impossible to find and Siamese are rumored to be in KH but not able to Connect
Any leads are appreciated

Please be careful. There is one certified breeder of cats that I know of, in Tianmu, and only one, for a reason. Most operations here are at the lowest level of puppy mills. You will receive an animal that was not responsibly bred, will be too young to leave its mother, will not have been vaccinated nor checked for health issues. At least shelters will be honest and up front of any problems and will give you an animal that has received medical attention including vaccines and desexing.


Wow how many millions of people are in tw and only one legit breeder…

The international breeding associations do not recognize most Taiwan breeders and it is not a political thing.

We have been rescuing pets here in Taiwan over 20 years. Stay a bit, ask around. This ain’t Kansas.

Oh and if you thought adoption was hard, try buying a cat from that woman.

Isn’t buying pets from breeders discouraged?
Kind of 1990s, isn’t it??

Do you mean buying pets in general?

In the US i knew a guy that always went to the food bank near UW school and he rescued great quality food every day . He asked Me why I paid for my food??

Over your 20 years here has the cat breeding society gotten worse or better? Is there more breeders or less ? I mean know you know one lady now ,did you know more previously?

‘There are 661 licensed pet breeders in the nation listed on the Council of Agriculture’s Web site, but there are none in Taipei, Yen said.‘

The website is strange cant find the information they state, icon are you aware of this boast?
How can i contact these licensed breeders?

Here is the puppy mill story

Well there is more legislation. The problem is still enforcement. Heaven forbid stepping against enterprises…with connections.

Now, how many of those 600 plus are internationally recognized? Who supervises them and overseas their actual operations? That is the problem.

Please do talk to the people at the animal associations. See for yourself. If you are limited by language go to ACT for animals, Mary’s dogs and other expat groups that can show, not tell.

So your not familiar with this catalog of breeders?
I really want to find this list

I think the issue isn’t so much that she doesn’t know those breeders, but that those breeders are little than puppy mills who basically treats them like dolls and not a living thing. So if you’re fine buying kittens in poor health that ends up dead or requires lots of medical attention because of a genetic disorder, or the fact that the kitten’s sibling was likely discarded and fed to the dogs when they died, sure you can go to those “legitimate breeders”

These animal organizations didn’t exist for nothing, and I am sure Icon is aware of all the shady deals that happens with animals here.

This is why most won’t encourage anyone to buy pets because these kinds of abuse are rampant even in the US. So you want to check if the breeders are following rules and treating animals with respect. Plus given that so many cats are simply discarded because it didn’t match her purse, or she had cat allergies, you can imagine why people would encourage adoptions rather than buying. But I’m sure there are lots of pedigreed kittens dumped out for being too hairy or something… lots of animals get abandoned because the family discovered that the animal is no longer cute when they get big. You really need to visit those animal organizations to know what’s going on.

Well it’s illegal in California


Fuck thank god im not in cali

I have been trekin around searching, neihu animal rescue place was sad sad sad and stinky…
Im turning over stones, thats what i do

Drop by here. The ambiance is better.

No. 13號, Lane 9, Linsen North Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 10049
02 2356 0766

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Dont cry lang lang? This is a restaurant?
How many cats are there for adoption?

All the ones you see on premises at least.

It is a place for potential adopters to interact with potential adoptees. And to have coffee or a meal. Try the curry.

Def not interested in eating food especially with animals shitting in the same room.
Went there for 3 minutes, they had 6 cats and it was full of people awkwardly trying to pet them.
Strange place. Was this a joke?
3 minutes was hard , could have been 30 seconds…
Imo there could be a debate if novelty stores are a good place for animals.
Do you volunteer there? Or is this your business i dont want to insult you but. Not my cup o cha

No, it is another association´s way of putting the available pets closer to where people can see them while getting funds to save as many as they can. They have a proper shelter free of people in another location.

Cat cafes used to be the rage in Taiwan about 15 years ago. In Japan, they have iguana cafes, llama cafes, owl cafes, Shiba inu cafes… those are very stressed animals, at least this place has regulations so the animals can be socialized but not stressed out.

Talking about poop, in this weather wood based litter works wonders. You need to get the special kind of two stage litterbox, but it is a great investment. Little smell, practically no tracking compared to “sand” litter.

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