Over 70% of naturalised citizens from one country

''Taipei, June 24 (CNA) Vietnam remains the major source of foreign spouses in Taiwan, with 3,907 Vietnamese becoming naturalized citizens last year alone, according to the Ministry of the Interior (MOI).

The ministry said Vietnamese accounted for 72.8 percent of the total number of people in Taiwan who gained citizenship last year, with most of them being spouses of Taiwan nationals.

Of the 5,366 newly naturalized citizens last year, 3,907 were from Vietnam, 533 from Indonesia, 471 from the Philippines, 122 from Thailand, 56 from Malaysia, 40 from Myanmar, 12 from Cambodia, and six from Singapore, MOI data showed.

Its data showed that 91.7 percent of the people who gained Taiwan citizenship last year were women, 86.9 percent were spouses of Taiwan nationals, and 95.9 percent were from Southeast Asian countries.’’


Don’t know what Taiwan wants to achieve with this tiny rate of naturalisation along with vast majority, more than 90% being women from SEA. 96% from SEA.

That means naturalised professionals are probably less than one hundred or even a few dozen ?
Only 430 men were able to become citizens.

Remember the country had a population of 22 million !


It does help that their birth rates are 2 or more, lifting Taiwan’s average somewhat. And it goes along with the Southbound Policy.

It’s on a road to nowhere plus the numbers are way down from 10 years ago even for women naturalising.

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I agree with that.
Should allow all husbands of Taiwanese female nationals get citizenship AND not give up their own country’s citizenship. Then those #s would look mighty fine. But that topic is in another thread.

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Do the statistics state these women’s occupations?

I don’t know but the vast majority were imported specifically for marriage and babies.

Interesting that they didn’t mention Chinese citizens , HKers and Maccanese ,playing with the numbers a bit .

offhand I’d guess either housewives or Vietnamese food stall owners.

Nothing against them a lot of them are great people working hard raising families but they aren’t going to change much here , at least I don’t think so.
Still going to be very insular and lack global awareness.
You can see the discrimination against males from SEA (and all males) is very severe . There are so many labourers but no way for them to put down roots and get citizenship, that’s a mistake because those people just leave and bring their earnings out of Taiwan in the end.
Similar enough situation with the caregivers . Anyway , it’s obvious Taiwan is just monkeying around and not serious about any real changes.

Slow road to nowhere. Even SEA women looking for foreign husbands are not coming here as much now.

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But the bu hui la, cha bu duo jiu hao attitude will prevail.


the immigration office probably had a look at the toxic masculinity thread and thought:" we don’t want any of that!", so they decided to only import cute Vietnamese girls.



I’ve heard this from some Taiwanese friends. Does anyone have any stats?

kind of the same trend that happened with mainland Chinese brides. The #s rose early on when China was still a bit “behind” economically two decades ago. Now the females in China there have the pick of the litter so to speak, considering Mao’s one-child policy put men at a marital disadvantage.

So, with Vietnam’s economy on the roll, there is probably less of a demand for the women to “get out” and move up the economic ladder. They can do so in their own country.

As for SEA spouses, 2000~2004 were the peak of marriage registration number (~17000). Minimum at 2012 (~4700), then increasing again. ~8500, last year. Many of them get naturalized 3 years later, so the number of naturalization may be changing to increasing trend now.

The numbers of main land Chinese getting married to taiwanese and getting Taiwanese citizenship are decreasing.
~35000 in 2003
~7500 in 2017
~28000 in 2009
~6100 in 2017

Hong Kong and Makao people are increasing.


I guess Vietnam and the like are pretty developed nowadays so why come to Taiwan and get treated like a breeding sow and slave by some low class farmer in Pingdong

Visited Ho Chi Minh city this year and was surprised how developed it’s becoming.

what are the opposite numbers like? of nationalized males?

The above numbers include both genders.

Marriage registration:
The numbers of male spouses in all the categories (Mainland Chinese, HK&Macau, SEA, other foreigners) and female spouses from other countries are increasing. The numbers are 600~1000 last year, except for ~2900 of male spouses from other countries.

The number of naturalized male spouses had been about 100 since 2008, but it was 240 last year.

Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau citizenship


Statistics of marriage registration

To be fair, among other foreigners, Vietnamese people are the one with most easily to adapt with Taiwanese society. (both Min-Hakka society or Waishengren society)
They usually could quickly able to speak Chinese fluently.
Unlike the Indonesian, Thai or Filipino counterpart.
And most Taiwanese men that I knew has affection to cute Vietnamese ladies.

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In what ways are a high naturalisation rate positive?

And that’s a bad thing? SEA women looking for foreign husbands … what the f does that even mean?

It means hardly anybody is coming here to settle Mr argumentative , even the imported brides aren’t coming like they used to. It means possible further isolation and eventual takeover by China in the end game.
The govt said they were opening up immigration but I remain skeptical when I see these numbers which are so heavily biased to women (more than 90%) and one country (more than 72%).

Basically very few people are immigrating and an absolutely TINY number of foreign males are immigrating . Some people see that as a good thing but in the case of Taiwan that’s not good.

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What you are describing would explain why some people might hook up. It is not, however, the basis of a coherent immigration policy.

To test this out, ask yourself: is the immigration/naturalization process of YOUR country based on which women men from the dominant ethno-racial group consider to be “cute”? I didn’t think so.

To be fair, authorities in the Tsai government are well aware of the limits of the old system (i.e. naturalization based on marriage to citizens alone) and some of them hope to change it. Will it happen?