Parler; anyone joined it yet?

It has a pretty low rating on Google play

Ok, I signed up.

Here’s what they suggest I follow


Unfortunately they moderate content to the conservative side, meaning no sexual stuff

I think the biggest danger of children using that app is them becoming Christians


This should be posted in Funny Political Pictures.

Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Tucker Carlson…that’s one circle jerk I’m not attending.


Is this a social media group that conservatives are trying to get followers to turn to? So that Facebook and Twitter and others can’t moderate the discussion.


But then what are conservatives going to complain about?

Basically. It’s where they can gather in large groups and freely bitch about censorship because they are not actually being censored.

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It’s a bit boring.

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I like the idea of less moderation. But I don’t really want to join more social media. I barely check FB now. It’s all old people arguing about politics and acting like children in arguments and Karens that complain.

FB is only good for joining expat groups in my area and my local community group to ask for help and keep up with some local events. Also the buy and sell function is good.


Yeah. I’m in. I just want to check it out. It looks like it’s mostly fake accounts and bots. Its interface is really bad for cell phones and it’s like a real bad twitter.

are the russian bots at it again?

FB was pretty crap in the beginning as well I remember. I thought MySpace was so much better once.

I have mix feeling about social media. IG for example has a lot of evidence that it’s terrible for mental health, especially for women. It really affects young girls, and the younger they start using it, the more psychological problems they have.

I just want to enjoy the social aspects with friends and family, but FB and especially Twitter have become political battlegrounds. Twitter is just so terrible now, it’s not even a real social media with people there just crusading with bios that list all the things they are.

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Not likely. The Russian bots helped Trump get elected, these ones are just annoying

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I think it’s always been crap; a bunch of self important idiots with unwarranted self importance syndrome

I like FB. I keep track of friends and family here and back home. I also get a lot of news. You’re right though, I remember when it started, there was nothing. I had about ten friends and the news feed would end. There was no way you could stay on it for hours

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It used to be for friends to joke around with. Now it’s almost 100% political and SJW activities or weirdo right wing people in circle jerks or shitting one each other.

That’s basically the only thing keeping me on there since my friends are all over and I’m always moving around.

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How is that unfortunate?

They should also eliminate white nationalist content.

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