Parler; anyone joined it yet?

I liked the old YouTube where everyone was given a platform to speak no matter how bad your opinion was at the time

Then kids can’t use it.

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Then you’ll love parler. I’ve already seen the “N word” being thrown around with no moderation. All in the name of free speech. Just like old YouTube comments sections. The worst of the worst.

They do have a report system, so I’ll see how that goes. You can’t report hate speech or racist language though…

I’m not a fan… They have freedom of opinion (somewhat) but then they censor anything considered “uncouth” such as sexual topics or enticing posts

The only true free speech platform right now would be Bitchute, but it SUCKS practically wise

Maybe everyone just needs to post on RedTube… I think it’ll be hilarious to see political commentators on there rubbing their nipples naked on camera to get their message out

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I liked when Youtube or Facebook wasn’t banned in China and we were getting all sorts of great content out of there. At the time, traveling there, there was a real sense of hope that things were changing. And then it all went to shit…

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Conservatives are right to do this, if they feel all the other platforms are unduly restricting their speech. That’s the free market.

But they still have to moderate something for quality purposes, if they’re going to become big enough. You can’t have people throwing the n-word around.


But it’s so mainstream now with rap. People use it.

Context matters.


Taxes and climate policy most likely.

I don’t know how people are using it on there. Is it like neo nazis calling black people the n word or like


Probably because hate speech isn’t real.

It doesn’t, actually.

The n-word is the n-word. Period. Full stop. It is not made acceptable if those who utter it are allowed to because people foolishly use the excuse that “context matters” and thus sanction punishment for others who use the very same word.

I’m not going to post the screen shots, but it’s used as as insult. Can’t be misunderstood. It’s straight up racist language. Another user told them not to use it and they called them worse.

As I noted above, this didn’t go against their rules. I tried to report it.

To be fair, a bunch of people called him out.
Others said it makes the platform look bad.
Others think it’s a conspiracy; liberals creating fake accounts to get the MSM to report and make them look bad

Obviously, saying racist stuff to people isn’t alright with me. But I guess this is their idea of a free speech platform. People will have to sort of police themselves.

If it’s the latter then yeah don’t censor.

It’s for right wing nuts and racists. Enjoy

Is this the place with the off-the-charts crazy terms of service for collecting your personal information? :sweat_smile:

obama is not on Parler