Paul McCartney to shun China over cruelty to animals

Sir Paul McCartney joins the protest again China…

Good ol’ Macca! :bravo:

Its about time the movement move toward shaming the Chinese for this barbaric practice. The leverage of shame is particularly strong now with the Olympics coming up. This should be pushed full and hard. … 2003282052

The Olympics highlighted the problems in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and now highlights the abuses in China.

[quote]Paul McCartney has angrily denounced China and vowed never to perform there after seeing “horrific” undercover film of dogs and cats being brutalized and then killed for their fur.

…“People think because China is going to host the Olympics then they must be coming into the modern world, but then you see this sort of stuff,” he said. “Surely the authorities there must realize how bad this looks? How can the host nation of the Olympics be seen allowing animals to be treated in this terrible way?”…

…The comments by McCartney will come as a blow for his Chinese fans – the Beatles are hugely popular in the country…[/quote]

[quote]China’s embassy in Britain strongly rejected the claims.

A spokesman said: “I have not seen this footage so am yet to be convinced of its authenticity. The distribution of the fur trade happens mostly in the European and American markets, so the fashion industries in Europe and America are to be at least partly blamed for this. I do not agree with the call for a boycott of Chinese goods.” [/quote]

And I heard Taiwan will be banned from competing.

Normally I think “Sir” Paul McFartney is a bit of a nob (loved his "there’s even women doing it comment - so 60’s! - so western! - so upper class!) but what he actually said and did here makes rawther a lot of sense watt…what…wot…oh fuck it.

Still I think they killed the wrong beatle.

Good job Paul, way to catch up! :loco:

Great musician, great man.

I like people like him who don t bother to know what people will think of him and take a stand to help those poor dogs and cats beaten or boiled alive for fur.

I agree fur industry in Europe and America is to blame also for this. Shame on them to import dogs and cats fur and mention it is rabbit or else they sell.

I went to a demonstration last saturday in Paris against this fur import (see there are other demonstrations in paris than against America) :wink:

Paul, if you read this, thank you to let the world but also some chinese people know the horrible things going on there.

Here’s the question Sharlee, what the heck in America and Europe do we use with Dog Fur? Its taboo in America to use our Best Friends for products or food.

Cat fur is sold as something else, you’ll find. Maybe it’s the same with dog fur.

I was shown a cat pelt when I visited the AnimalsAsia office in Hong Kong; it was a calico. Very sad.

Do you mean the cat pelts are sold as rabbit fur? And why is there a human-invented heirarchy where it is ok to buy and sell rabbit pelts but not cat pelts?

Good for Paul McCartney. What a man. He is going to lose millions over this and he doesn’t care because he is one of the few famous or rich men in this world who is driven by a strong moral centre. Really, this story brightened up my day.

I think it’s like the antivivisection laws in Europe. You start with the animal closest to man, and hopefully that is the thin end of the wedge, because now you can stretch the laws to protect animals closest to primates, and so on.

You have to start somewhere. If we start calling for cockroach rights at this stage it will just weaken the argument; start off with the more beloved pet, then move ‘down’.

ShrimpCrakers, I have no access to the videos from Europe.

Anyway, in France dogs or cats fur selling is banned.

Fur industry lies when they sell dog or cat fur for some more expensive fur. People buying fur will not know the difference and will probably pay thousands of euros for a fur they believe is wolf or whatever

I agree with Straydog answer to the question why it is ok to buy some fur and not some other type of fur. I suppose people are more shocked to see the way the pets they share their life with, are tortured and crying for help in those little cages till they die in the most horrible way. Easy way to make money.

See also “Sir Paul joins the fight” and [url= and cat cruelty in China"[/url] in the Animals Forum.

China’s shocking dog and cat fur trade (videos - nasty!)

Did you know Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1972 song “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” was banned from broadcast in Britain? McCartney is also unpopular with Turkish nationalists for speaking out about Turkey’s genocide of Armenians.

[quote=“Paul and Linda McCartney”]Give Ireland back to the Irish,
Don’t make them have to take it away.
Give Ireland back to the Irish,
Make Ireland Irish today.

Great Britain, you are tremendous,
And nobody knows like me.
But really, what are you doing
In the land across the sea?
Tell me, how would you like it,
If on your way to work,
You were stopped by Irish soldiers?
Would you lie down, do nothing,
Would you give in, who can say?

Great Britain and all the people,
Say that people must be free.
And meanwhile, back in Ireland,
There’s a man who looks like me.
And he dreams of God and country
And he’s feeling really bad.
And he’s sitting in a prison.
Say, should he lie down, do nothing,
Should he give in or go mad?

Give Ireland back to the Irish,
Don’t make them have to take it away.
Give Ireland back to the Irish,
Make Ireland Irish today, yeah, yeah.[/quote]

See also the [url= and cat cruelty in China"[/url] thread - merge?

China’s shocking dog and cat fur trade (videos - nasty!)

[quote=“SHARLEE”]Just to let you know that people in France are reacting to this, we are organizing a big demonstration in paris at the end of this month, people coming from all parts of France.
Against the bad treatments to dogs in China and against fur trade.[/quote]

Ouch, I was eating while watching the video and lost all appetite. Was that dog partially alive while they were skinning it and laughing?

When my mother grew up in Taiwan they had a dog culling program, and she had to watch goons shoot and throw her friend into a vehicle. There were other dogs inside. She, as a little girl, could not do anything about it.

Of course the government of China blames us for the dog and cat skinning. I’m sure they’ll blame their poor human rights record on our “insatiable desire for cheap products and goods”. If they can’t even treat humans properly, how can we expect them to treat animals nice?

What about Koreans who eat dog as part of their diet?

IMO, what is not acceptable at all from developped countries, is the immense pain they inflict on animals before they kill them.
Cannot watch the videos as I would be willing to go and find these people and inflict them the same pain.

The words must be spread now before the Olympics.

Conflating the Cantonese eating dogs, cats, and other sundry animals with the Nazis killing 6 million Jews is probably not the best rhetorical tactic.

I can’t see the video :frowning: I would like to see it and send it to some cooperating NGO’s in London.

Is there another link I can check?