Pay tax online?

I heard from ICRT (if I heard it correctly) this morning that we (foreigner) can file income tax online? where?..I’ve been filling tax for 10 years at the office in Chang Hwa rd taipei and didn’t know about this…anybody know?

In theory you can but in practice you cannot as the tax filing software as produced by the Taiwanese government does not allow for any id numbers that do not conform to those given to Taiwanese nationals, i.e. one alpha and 9 numerics digits, as ours are 2 alpha and 8 numerics it will not accept them. This is as per last year, so it might have changed but i doubt it.

Has anyone downloaded and installed the software for filing taxes successfully on an English-based Windows Computer?

I get error messages and can’t decipher them, cause the Chinese characters don’t show properly.

Well I called the tax office and we (foreginers) still can’t file tax online. We however can download the individual tax form from, print it out and send it to them. But I can’t find the form on that website, anybody care to provide the link? … sp?qcess=L




umm thanks but no Individual Income Tax Return form there, you know the one with A3 size and different color every year…am I mssing something?

I tried the software with my ARC number and it still doesn’t work, so Traveller is right.

Shouldn’t be too difficult to switch that. Probably they think no foreigner can use the Chinese software anyway.

So it’s back to writing the stuff on the oversized sheet (green this year, btw).

It’s tax season again :joy:

Could anyone share the procedures to file taxes online instead of at the tax office? I’m assuming one would need to apply for an alien digital certificate or something like that first?

This has been talked about before elsewhere.
My Taiwanese wife said go to NHI office and get a password linked to your NHI card.
You need one of those card-scanners/readets that hooks (thru USB) up to your computer to then “read” your NHI card.
Unfortunately it only works on Microsoft software computers, not Apple PCs.
Because of that reason, I have not tried it.

NHI? I heard go to the tax office and bring your NHI card…

That could be it. Was 2 years ago when she tried.
Go to tax bureau first and ASAP before lines start toward end-May.
First few days of May there are hardly any lines.

  1. Get yourself a Digital Citizen Certificate, a card reader and set that up on your PC
  2. Grab the eTax app from the Tax Bureau website. (Be sure to get the one for aliens)
  3. Load it up, login and file :slight_smile:

Multiple people at the tax office insisted I didn’t need the citizen ID digital card to file online this year. Will have to see if that’s the case.

Guess what? In addition to the windows app, they’ve also got a web based version this year:

Haven’t tried it, but it does allow login with even just ARC+Passport number.

… and it looks like the web-based version is a bit ‘beta’ :slight_smile: For example, it’s not fully translated, and you can’t file without providing a non-mobile phone as a home phone number :slight_smile:

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Does this mean a digital citizen certificate isn’t required anymore?

You can use an NHI Card (with password, as @KHHville said), Digital Citizen Certificate or ARC+Passport Number to login to the web portal.


  • Using the ARC+Passport number doesn’t allow automatic download of your data, unless you also have an ‘inquiry code’ - which requires a NHI Card (with password), Digital Citizen Certificate, or another type of card to do with finance.
  • I’m not sure how payment works on the web portal. In the Windows App, you’d be able to put your ATM card in and have it magically draw funds from your account, but the portal says this (and credit card) is not an option.

So, while technically you don’t need an IC card to login anymore, the the utility is quite limited compared to having one.

So how do I register my NHI card in order to use this function?

Thanks for all the great advice!

For foreign residents, it’s not possible to set a password for an NHI card online. You may be able to do it in person at the NHI office, but I haven’t done that before myself :slight_smile:

OK, so if people do get a Digital Citizen Certificate or NHI card with magic password, or are OK with the limitations of the ARC+Passport method here’s a quick write-up on what happens next:

If you are thinking of getting a Digital Citizen Certificate, note that it can take ~10 working days to process, so best to do it soon if planning to use it to file taxes.

Remember, May is Tax filing month in Taiwan! You need to file your taxes between May 1st and May 31st.

4 weeks left to do it. :running_man: