Anyone know if PayPal can be used in Taiwan ? Can services be sold and paid using PayPal while being able to withdraw funds in Taiwan ? Thanks

From what I know, only one bank (E.Sun) support Paypal in Taiwan. I‘ve never seen an online shop offering Paypal as a payment method.

See PayPal Account Through E. Sun (Yu Shan 玉山) Bank for example

You need an E.Sun bank account to use PayPal. You need to go into E.Sun and set it up to receive money from PayPal. This is separate from setting up a bank account, so you need to tell them you want to use PayPal. This works fine for money coming from out of Taiwan. I’ve used it a number of times although the exchange rate is crap.

I’m not sure about using PayPal for payments within Taiwan. I remember being told that you were not allowed to use PayPal to transfer money between two people who are both in Taiwan. I know most of my Taiwanese clients just made bank transfers to send me money, which seemed fairly easy to do…

Domestic transfer through Paypal in Taiwan isn’t allowed. No idea why.

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What if it’s a payment from overseas For example someone wants to pay for a lesson on Twitch and they want to pay via PayPal and I am in Taiwan ? Thanks

That’s no problem (as long as you have an E.Sun bank account set up to accept PayPal). I’ve used PayPal for overseas clients a number of times.

Thank you

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how about for sending yourself money from here to an account in your home country? I’m tired of paying up to $60 USD per transfer. I guess you have to take the exchange rate into consideration, and PayPal fees are based on a percentage as I remember, but it’s been years since I’ve last used PayPal

Lobbyists from the banking dinosaurs hell bent on forcing us to use paper bank statements

The FSC doesn’t allow it.

Why not? Well they’re corrupt and stuck in the Stone Age.

There was a company which tried and wrapped up a long time ago


hello does anyone have paypal i have link my debit card to my old paypal acc which i deleted my old account there and created a new one why is that still saying i cant add my debit card because it was link on different paypal account how can i fix that

PayPal customer service can help you fix it.

It marks the first international expansion of PayPal’s crypto product since it launched in the U.S. last year.

Wondering if anyone has updated info…

A friend sent money to my Paypal account. I’m currently in the US and while I still have a US account I don’t have an ATM card for it anymore.

It seems that I can use ESun Bank in Taiwan to open an account to access the funds. I already have accounts at other Taiwanese banks and according to Paypal you can link a different bank but…

Yeah, Taiwan ID required. Has anyone got this to work issuing their APRC, or am I forced to go to ESun when I get back to Taiwan?

I don’t like your chances to be honest. If I were you, I’d reverse the PayPal transaction and get them to pay you in a more convenient way (I’ve done this before because E.Sun were being annoying).

By the way, is your PayPal account a U.S. account or a Taiwanese one? I thought you needed to have the latter to use E.Sun (I had to set up a new one for this purpose, IIRC, which I ended up never using for the reason stated above).

It seems to be a Taiwanese one (?) because my listed info is my Taiwanese address, phone number, and credit card. I never use it.

I see an option to link my U.S. account so I think the easiest for me will be to do that then just go to the bank and make an in person withdrawal. I’ve got another week here so I could use the US dollars.

Open an account at any bank in the US and link it directly? Then you can just withdraw the amount to that bank.

I thought about that because apparently my current (and only) US bank account is already linked to a different Paypal account I had 14 years ago before I moved to Taiwan. I can’t access that old Paypal account to delink the bank account because I don’t know the password, and to recover the password there’s only one option, a text message sent to an old phone number that I no longer have. Grrr :confounded: Trying to contact help/customer service has been a lesson in futility.

So I’m just going to wait until I’m back in Taiwan and open an account or whatever I need to do at E Sun. This has been such a lesson in frustration.

There might also be a name issue, if the name on your PayPal account isn’t identical to that on your bank account (“Language Steve 4n” or whatever). That might have been the situation with me (not sure - it was a while ago).

The name registered on your E.SUN Bank account must match the name registered on your PayPal account. You can help prevent linkage failure by making sure your bank information is correct.

Example: If your PayPal account name is “Wang XiaoMing”, but you use your Chinese name “王小明” to open an E.SUN Bank account, you will not be able to link the 2 accounts.

So how are you going to link the paypal account to your ESUN bank without a password? That’s going to be necessary too. So your problem is you need the password to that paypal account or you won’t be able to link it to ESUN either. I just confirmed it anyways, you have to login to paypal in order to link it to ESUN.

Is this a significant amount of money?