Peak MAGA thread

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That’s enough to trigger @mups.


You think his comments should be taken at face value? I won’t string you along. This can be opened up in incognito.

Still dumb, just not for the reason you think.

I think @MikeN1 (and mups) might regret starting this thread. I’m laughing already.

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I doubt it. They’re very dedicated to their craft.


Clearly being sarcastic. That guy probably said a hundred things you could actually legitimately criticize, but the cheesy sound bite always wins I guess.


Fantastic idea for a thread.


No one focuses more on him on this forum than you. I haven’t made one post about him here :joy: I really haven’t made a post about him in quite some time. See, he really lives in your head.


I think it’s best we keep the Moon around. The ring would be cool, but the constant destructive meteorites would grow old.

We could probably live with an occasional one, but no, not constant.

Tell that to the dinosaurs…

That was a comet I thought.

It’s a meteorite by definition if it hits the earth. It could be a comet (debris from one more likely I think).

Like the dinosaurs could’ve told the difference in any case. :grin:

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There are three main types of meteorites :

  • iron meteorites : which are almost completely made of metal.
  • stony-iron meteorites : which have nearly equal amounts of metal and silicate crystals.
  • stony meteorites : which mostly have silicate minerals.

Makes sense, but I still think they have to hit the Earth to be meteorites. If something hits the Earth it is basically a meteorite by definition (assuming it’s from a natural source).

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Not to belabor the point, but this is the MAGA thread and we should be discussing the facts of the dinosaur evolution and demise on proper sciencey terms:

Comet : A body of ice, rock and dust that can be several miles in diameter and orbits the sun. Debris from comets is the source of many meteoroids . … Meteorite : A meteor that hits Earth without burning up in the atmosphere.Mar 10, 2013

Weird, because you’re the one posting cartoons in a thread the OP clearly said is not about him. :rofl:

I’ve always said I found him funny, it’s not like I break my back defending and idolizing him though, now that’s obsession!

I wonder what Gohmert’s theory on moon-moving is. Maybe the moon is so heavy because of all that moonlight, perhaps to change the trajectory, inject with sunlight? :sweat_smile:

I’m just going to post more Land of the Lost clips :slight_smile:

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That’s what you do in the political pictures thread, isn’t it? But with the GOP. Like every day and all the time. :joy:

In fact, I think I’ll go in there and like all your posts about Trump or the GOP just to be sure.

OK…I can’t. I don’t have the time today. But it’s like MOST of them let me tell ya. :sweat_smile:

BUt it’s like you say them other guys that have Trump on the brain. :joy: