Pelosi visiting Taiwan in August 2022

I just called my MP.

Anyone else is free to pick up the phone and call their elected reps.



What message is Pelosi sending to Taiwan? China? The US? Russia? Japan? India? That SHE can’t part the seas when the shit hits the fan, or will she retire like she said she would leaving the fallout, haha, maybe not haha, to Adam Schiff or the GOP dude who takes over?

Posta please.

Canada is another country that does zero regarding arctic incursions. Hell, even the USA passes through all the time and doesn’t tell us.

indeed. I use letters and emails. small, but gotta do something.

It helps them know that support exists.

The old customer service adage: If one person complains, there’s 10 people that think the same way.

Absent? Who’s absent? I’m right here.

That we don’t back down to China and we support our Democratic allies. The same message as Ted Cruz, Pompeo, Lithuania, Czech Republic and on and on.

But it’s reckless here because she’s the speaker of the house. I asked you to clarify and you did eventually. Thanks.

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Jing-Mei White Terror Memorial Park
02 2218 2438

Going here tomorrow apparently


He’s unapologetically pro-unification and a professional sh&t disturber.



Dude, stop. There’s a TON of shit going on right now and this stopover, while resulting in largely nothing, will leave a mark. The mark will fester and pop when she’s long gone. She’s showboating and that is not and has never been a good diplomatic strategy.


Well look what I found…
If only it were true.

If you have not noticed there have been many high profile visits just about every couple months for the last few years from the US and European governments that are increasing in frequency. Even Tsai going to the US at the start of her presidency.

I’m pointing out an obvious trend and your specific criticism of one visit is irrational.

Unless its just to say that above a certain rank shouldn’t come here. Which I understand but don’t agree with.

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I just hope it’s not totally political for her. I have a nagging feeling it is though

Wasn’t she jailed in China because she protested Tiananmen? She is tough on China and always has been.


Definitely, I expected a return to previous form with Biden, but he’s outdoing Trump. I hope it’s based on legitimate confidence because they are certainly exuding it.

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Pelosi’s visit is normal. It’s the PRC that’s reckless.


Lyn Webb bad idea. unnecessary and provocative given upcoming party congress / xi third term

Ian Bremmer just posted that on FB.

Nothing like a rallying cry.

We’ll I’m glad we can understand one another. It would be easier and far less time consuming if you’d refrain from remodeling my words to fit your projections.

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