Pen pad for computer?

I don’t have a iPad and I’m not a big fan of it. I use my computer monitor with another wide range monitor over it.

Most of my classes are online now. Is there any pen pads I can connect to write on PDFs, PPTs, and word for example. I still print everything out. And take notes and highlight on paper for the slides and PDF pages. The number of paper I use is ridiculous and the cost of ink is 80£ for the large cartridge and needs to be replaced 2 months with how much I use.

It would be nice if I can write some notes on the slides and PPT and consolidate it all at the end into one for the exam since most exams now are take home and open book.

Have a look at

Livescribe smartpen
Samsung note (might be too small for your use and it’s not cheap)
Microsoft surface (think Microsoft let’s you try it for 30 days or something like that)

Ink subscription? You can buy a cheap printer that comes with a free trail, after trail period order a new printer with a new trail then sell the new one.

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There are some interesting color e-ink devices these days which is what I would consider if I needed it.

Engineers, doctors, students, etc. use them so must be suitable. And long battery life.

Some textbooks also available.

Less distraction than ipad style.

Very easy on eyes.

Names like Onyx, Remarkable,

Having a modern ereader convinced me that clarity is great.

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Very true and important to think about.

Here’s info on some that are available on the shelf in Taiwan if that matters to you over there. The Mobiscribe is definitely a pen. Not sure about Mooink and Hyread. Kobo is read only. Sony and others are in the game. has lots of help on note taking e-ink devices.