People under age 35 are walking dead who live in a dystopian hell

Well not every single one of course, but Professor Sam Vaknin claims

people under age 35 are walking dead who live in a dystopian hell.

No higher functions. No intellectual life. No interests or hobbies. No conversation (“flat speech”): dismissive one-liners with no depth or background. As dull as drying paint.

Actions don’t matter, the heart matters, motivations matter: they are negative, you are negative, even if you act positively and you will be judged negatively.

Change from inside, yourself – and your world will change. When action ends, you are still stuck with yourself. Action regulates moods and pleasure, nothing else.

Working on yourself is good project if not tinged with anxiety or negative emotions like pain aversion avoidance envy wish to show off grandiosity or fear (improve, change, reach for goals, modify) not good driver. Outcome of catastrophizing and leads to negative territory.

Out of love, pleasure good thing not with gun to your head (same action experienced differently owing to fear), no background, no resonance with anything positive inside, just with negative which causes trauma and rejection of life and reality (loner).

Right things for wrong reasons healthy things for unhealthy reasons dissonance no happiness pleasure satisfaction don’t get you anywhere
What wrong with me? Doing all right things everything everything I can all right things but is not getting me anywhere why what’s wrong probably wrong with me.

Instead of doing right things focus on getting right motivations focus on feeling not on acting (action- not emotion- or cognition-oriented, it’s automatic, or following algorithms, commands, recipes like in religion or self-help).

As long as you don’t change your motivation, your emotional landscape/background, no action will get you anywhere.

The cart before the horse: emotions come first, actions second. Actions do not create reliable long-term emotions which create reliable, long-term actions and these actions enhance the emotions.

Not what I need to do but what I need to feel, why am I doing this: feel love reach out to intimate partners, friends, family.

Negativity can take you a long way (Hitler) but only so far up to a point and it always ends badly implode fall apart. Negative emotions not glue, but explosives not fear of hell but love of god.

Negativity and constriction are choices blasphemy (rejecting god’s gifts given to be used and god himself) spitting in life’s face give up on world and positivity sacrilegious also inefficacious.

Total rejection of life suicide biggest possible sin but suicide also mental
Switch to positive emotionality to motivate actions to re-embrace life
Religion god embraces life truth positivity love not death and isolation unbeing. Even monks reject all commitments except undivided commitment, attention, resources, energy to god – not life (marriage, family)!


100 percent agree inheriting this dystopian hell built by the inaction of previous generations makes me want to die :slight_smile:


You need a beer, cake. Or perhaps a better beer than you’ve got at the moment. You’re not working through a sixpack of Buckskin, are you?

's true though. Young people today are inheriting a horrible world. But then again, I suppose every older generation said that.

Good thing I turn 35 this year. Dodged a bullet there.


I’ll trade with one!

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Good thing I turn 50 this year. I’ll be dead soon. Apparently COVID is going to get me.


A copy & paste job is certainly a step up from a Twitter link.


This is some Burroughs-esque train of thought shenanigans; impressive.

I’ve wondered what Antifa has against the Oregon Historical Society, banks, small mom and pop stores and the First Christian Church. Now I get it. They’re part of the dystopian hell created by previous generations.

Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said he has charged Theodore Matthee-O’Brien, 22, and Cameron Millar-Griffin, 24, with one count each of felony riot and criminal mischief. Both were arrested during the Friday night protest.

A group of at least 100 people marched from Director Park in downtown to Pioneer Place, breaking the windows of several storefronts along the way, including the Oregon Historical Society, a bank and the Nike store. People also set fire to an empty building and a dumpster. . . . A flier distributed on social media before the gathering called people to march in the name of Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by Chicago police in late March.

In a news release, Schmidt said Matthee-O’Brien and Millar-Griffin are both suspected of breaking the windows of the Oregon Historical Society and Millar-Griffin also is suspected of breaking windows of the nearby First Christian Church.

The damage estimated to each building is more than $10,000, Schmidt said.

I just turned 36. My life suddenly stopped being a living dystopian hell, and is finally just regular shithole.


Still living in my dystopian hell. Thanks boomers!


Did Professor Sam Vaknin get his PhD at Word Salad University?


Did the people in the article you posted say they were part of antifa, or are you just assuming that anyone who would be out there protesting YET ANOTHER death of a black BOY must be antifascist because no “normal” person would make a fuss about reckless killing of other humans by police?

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I’m in Portland currently as I own a house here. Downtown is a short bike ride from my home and I’ve seen the masked black bloc “protestors” dressed head to toe in black and sporting Antifa symbols and threatening anyone who tries to film them, including reporters.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler minced no words in his opening remarks at a New Year’s Day press conference following a riot on New Year’s Eve in downtown.

Wheeler laid out the “who, what, when, where and why” of what happened Thursday.

“The who: violent antifa and anarchists,” the mayor said. They rampaged through downtown Portland causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage with spray painting, window breaking, fires and fireworks.

“Why? This is the hardest question of all to answer,” Wheeler said. “Why would a group of largely white, young and some middle age men destroy the livelihood of others who are struggling to get by?”


This sounds like something people over 35 would tell themselves to feel better about themselves.

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Dear Mr. @cake,

This is a serious question: is the OP your own work, or is it copypasta? We have been through this before (not necessarily with you), and bottom line, it’s annoying. If you’re quoting, please use the

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ETA: Thanks for editing Mr. @cake.

ah a fellow portlander! regards.

antifa must have a couple bad apples in their bunch. better throw out the whole lot.

antifa thread is thattaway


I was gonna say. This sounds like someone who’s mad about the fact that no one under 35 would fuck him.


I know plenty of people over the age of 70 that fit all of that criteria. Very few people are taught how to think. Even less wish to learn (critical thinking skills). For most it is easier to be a sheep and just follow.

But he’s right. At the end of the day it’s only you looking at yourself in that mirror. And you can’t bullshit yourself no matter how hard you try.

Is the Portland Boys and Girls Club part of the “over-35 dystopian hell” now too?

On a sunny Tuesday morning, Terry Johnson, chief executive officer of Boys and Girls Club in Northeast Portland, watched as workers attached boards over shattered windows and doors lining the front of the building. The night before, protesters calling for racial justice caused nearly $20,000 in damage to the club, which houses services for mostly Black and brown children and families in Portland.

“We totally understand the need to protest and all of the systemic issues that exist in our country around criminal justice reform, around police brutality and system oppression,” Johnson said. “But we ask protesters to make sure they’re considering our mission and the work we do in Black and brown communities, because our mission work is part of that protest.”