Perfect Time to Declare Independence?

With China currently preoccupied with containing the corona virus wouldn’t it be a great time for once and for all to state to the world that Taiwan wishes to free itself from the evil clutches of China? Like a slave trying to casting away the chains of bondage or a man stuck in a bad marriage, Taiwan finally has a window of opportunity to escape from its ball and chain. Cities are in quarantine. Chinese people are starting to rumble about the CCP. The time for Taiwan to act is now.

Taiwan doesn’t need to declare independence because it is already independent in every sense of the word. What Taiwan needs IMO, is to change the constitution or establish a new republic with a new constitution.


Nice to see the Taiwan flag, even if it is just ESPN. Progress?


i just wish democratic countries could finally wake up and rethink their china/taiwan policy. china is not that giant behemoth as many western politicians would like to think of it, in fact, china is as vulnerable as any country. it’s just because of those cowards who rather make money from a dictatorial regime than to stand by their democratic values that china is where it’s at today.


Declaration of Independence begs the question of from which country Taiwan becomes independent.

Declaration of independence is not a necessary condition for prime-ministerial level exchanges with US and Japan.

A “Charter of Rights and Freedom of Taiwan” as the opening part of the “Compendium of Constitutional Acts”, in which the text of the ROC constitution is appended after the Charter, can better serve as the foundation of defining the legal relations between Taiwan and the historical Government of Republic of China (formerly known as GRC in US Foreign Relations papers or 國民政府). This is an internal matter within the boundary of Taiwan.

External to Taiwan, those countries that have so far unwilling to help Taiwan will continue to ignore Taiwan, despite any declaration or proclamation. China will call Taiwan’s declaration or proclamation “void” and continue its current strategy of isolation.

Historically, Taiwan’s presidents have in many occasions declared independence in various ways, but to no avail.

So far, there is no evidence whatsoever to prove that governments around the world have ever explained their de-recognition or non-recognition of Taiwan as due to Taiwan’s non-declaration of anything.

If Taiwan is to make any constitutional changes, (as it has done so many times since the 90s) it will only be an internal matter to Taiwan. In reality, foreign relations and geopolitics don’t care about state-actors’ constitutions. For example nobody cares about the various clauses in Vietnam’s or South Korea’s, or Singapore’s constitution.

The only reason the ROC constitution is often debated among people interested in cross-strait affairs is because they see it as a CONVENIENT tool , although often with false interpretation, 1. to persuade the Taiwanese people to accept China’s aggression. 2. to rationalize international isolation. However, Taiwan’s external predicament has nothing to do with any constitution.

That’s the ROC flag. I think you’ll find this is the true Taiwan flag… :wink:

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Just recognizing the ROC(Taiwan) is already independent is enough. Think publicly claiming a Republic of Taiwan is unnecessary and will lead to a war. That really is the last last red line and the US will not defend of they did that


That’s such a terrible flag. Sovereigntists in Taiwan can do better.


Should just reclaim the ROC flag from the KMT. Obviously a large percentage of Taiwanese have some emotional connection to the ROC and Chinese culture and there is no need to spark a civil war and start renaming streets and changing flags.

Most important thing is that Tai Du and Hua Du people unify and tell those who want to sell this place to the CCP to fuck off. The identity stuff will sort itself out when the old people die. No need to Stoke those problems when it’s time to unify against the real enemy


Taiwan ROC is a good compromise. It’s not possible to change the name so change the country behind the name.

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Would you be willing to take such a compromise if it was your home country?

For me,

Republic of Taiwan is the only way forward.


I think declaring independence might be premature, we need the CCP government to fall into chaos before that can be safely achieved.

For now though, it might be a good idea to run an referendum asking if Taiwan should declare independence immediately if China invades Taiwan, and then establish a new constitution in case a Chinese invasion happens.

Under that pretense, the legislature can start working out the details of the new constitution.

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Right but that’s the red line which even in a crisis cannot be crossed

I may point out Andrew you have multiple home countries and not living here :grin:.

I’m perfectly in tune with ROC Taiwan as a compromise , far from ideal solution, because war is something I don’t want to contemplate for my family .


I don’t feel ROC Taiwan is any less agitating to Beijing as Republic of Taiwan.

ROC Taiwan is literally what Tsai said in BBC interview. I thought was clever.No need to claim independence as already independent
country named ROC (Taiwan).


Taiwan needs the KMT to go away. Drop the ROC title, get a new flag and just be Taiwan.

No need to declare independence. Already independent.


It’s not about claiming independence. I see very little purpose of keeping ROC.

They just need the Taiwan bit to get bigger and. Bigger, and the ROC smaller and smaller.

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