Petition surpasses goal, olympic name referendum incoming!


Never said it’s good.

Nevetheless, Taiwan is not the official name of the country. It’s always “Republic of China (Taiwan)” or similar.


They should compete under the name Taiwan, it’s not so hard to figure it out. Can not handle it? Go cry about it in some youtube comments…


Would they be the only country competing under a name that is not the name of their country?

Chinese Taiwan would be more accurate than both Chinese Taipei or only Taiwan.

By the way, I am a huge Taiwan Independence supporter, I just think the Taiwanese people should change the name of their own country, before asking others to use a name that isn’t the name of their country. Very hypocritical, and shows that they have very little backbone.


Sadly, you are correct about the ‘backbone’ situation


They are not ‘allowed’ to use the official name!


Taiwanese announcers do.




I’m tired of hearing 中華隊, its literal translation is closer to Chinese team than Chinese Taipei. Most of our athletes are not even from Taipei!


You seem to have answered your own question. This is not that hard to grasp.

Two options, really:

  1. Keep the Nagoya Resolution and continue competing at the Olympics as a national delegation under the name Chinese Taipei
  2. Demand to play as “Taiwan”, get banned from the Olympics due to international pressure exerted by Communist China, and then scream injustice while athletes stay at home.

Competing under the name Taiwan is and never will be an option.

Other examples of having Olympic teams not follow the conventional short form of a country: The Republic of Macedonia plays under the name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” and list alphabetically listed under “F” because Greece claims that the name “Macedonia” belongs to the greater Macedonia area, part of which falls into the borders of Greece. The United Kingdom plays under the name “Great Britain” because of the controversy over the political status of Ireland; athletes from Northern Ireland can choose to represent either Ireland or Great Britain at the games.


The official name is actually the Great Britain and Northern Ireland team.

The naming dispute between the UK and Ireland ended in 1998.


non sequitur None of those references apply to Taiwan.
If the people of Taiwan do not care about the name of their country, why do you look to ‘outsiders’ for support?