Petition surpasses goal, olympic name referendum incoming!


Or Taiwan will be blamed for not abiding by international agreements, it’s a double-edged sword.


Really? I’ve never hear that this negotiation was a 20 year process.

Instead, I’ve heard this was the outcome of the KMT dictatorship refusing to participate in the Moscow Olympics. When they tried to rejoin the games with the LA Olympics, “Chinese Taipei” was the term the KMT dictatorship agreed to as they (idiotically) insisted that the ROC was much larger than Taiwan and that Taipei was a just a temporary capital, so that it might become “Chinese Nanjing” or something else in the future.

In short, this dumb-ass moniker was not imposed from outside forces; it was dumped upon us by the KMT.



And not for the first time. The number of Taiwanese who have no idea how the KMT fucked it up for them for all time. Dumb fucks don’t know they’re saluting the wrong flag, wishing the wrong fucking country happy birthday.


Happy October 10 to you too. : D



So true, everyone in Taiwan blames “Chinese Taipei” on PRC pressure, too few know the real reason.


compete under the name “Taiwan” is the only sensible solution. Anybody who disagrees needs to get a mental health checkup.


You are raising tensions!


Why it was changed to Chinese Taipei was KMT’s fault, but why we can’t change it back now is PRC’s fault.

But whatever. Olympics is a fucking cringefest anyway.


It’s Pierre Trudeau’s fault for allowing China to fuck us back in the 1970s, because he was such a Communist fanboy. The nomenclature was originally supposed to be “Chinese Olympic Committee (Taipei)” and “Chinese Olympic Committee (Beijing)”, but he allowed the latter to change theirs to just “China.”


Idk who thought Chinese Taipei was a good name. The majority of our athletes are not even from Taipei.

Even 2 countries like north and South Korea can come to a sensible solution. Democratic people’s Republic of Korea and Republic of Korea.


A good number are indigenous Formosans from Hualien and Taitung, might as well compete as Formosa.


See my post above.



The anti-gay rights questions (numbers 10, 11 and 12) are winning with substantial majorities, and if enough supporting ballots were cast, it could create a direct confrontation with the constitutional court.

The court has said Taiwan’s Civil Code is unconstitutional because it does not protect the rights of same-sex couples, but question 10 asked if voters agreed that Civil Code regulations should restrict marriage to being between a man and a woman.

On the highly emotional question #13 “Do you agree that Taiwan should apply to participate in all international sporting events and the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, using the name ‘Taiwan?’” the initiative is losing right now by a small margin.

Olympic athletes came out against the initiative earlier this week, fearing that applying to change Taiwan’s name would cost them their chance to participate in the Olympics.


Those athletes who are against it are selfish traitors and will no doubt receive crushing defeat. Great Olympians do it for the love of their country, they don’t have that in their heart. Bunch of cowards who don’t deserve to go.


If Taiwan doesn’t vote to be called Taiwan, I don’t see how Taiwan as a region can be offended in the future when called Republic of China or Chinese Taipei. I might even start using ROC just for fun.


We don’t even have the decency of being called ROC. What the fuck is Chinese Taipei!!

I’m humiliated by these athletes. I hope they are get crushed in humiliating defeat.


Referendum results:


I am looking for these T-shirts:

Taiwanese friends here in Maryland would like to buy some. (me too!)


We want the deep blue shirts, (wrong picture came out.)


Many people in Taiwan are NOT offended at all when Taiwan is called ROC. In fact, many prefer that name. Not to mention it still is the official name according to ROC’s constitution. You’re only referring to the deep Greens which aren’t even the majority of Taiwan voters.