Petition to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner on Organ Harvesting

This vedio is important! Stop Organ Harvesting in China!

Now then, organ harvesting is an internal matter, so the Chinese won’t like you interfering.

We do appreciate your kind heart, and your kidneys, though.

A special edition investigative report

I agree this needs more attention, but I believe it it not specifically aimed at the Falun Gong but is simply a way for these greedy soulless officials and medical doctors to make a lot of money.

organ harvesting will stop when China has a underpopulation problem and starts treating every individual life with respect…

means never.

Here is the link which we can do sth: … in-china-2

I read the falung gong pamphlet which states that organs were harvested when patients were alive (totally believable) and some had no anesthetic (not sure on this bit).

I think there are very serious human rights crimes that have been perpetrated in China but we can never get to the bottom of them as they will cause the CCP to lose face overseas and this business is extremely lucrative.

[quote]The Sixty Million Dollar Decision
‘I didn’t take blood money from a government that is murdering its people,’ says Jeffrey Van Middlebrook, Silicon Valley inventor[/quote] … t-selling/

I respect him for his decision.

The practical solution to this matter is to remove claims to ownership of one’s former body after the death of the person. Counting for accidents, alone, corpses with viable organs are among the few things that humans can reliably produce in abundance; and yet, instead of just letting those who naturally die supply the organs for the others who need them, we feel that, somehow, the body is still the property of the once dead, or of their kin, and there’s absolutely zero rationale behind it. Why would a body be a part of an estate?

So, have we stopped it yet?

we should kill the sick people who need organs and are RICH enough to buy. then there will be no market. voila! good ol’ communist think. Stalin would be proud of me, that handsome Georgian.

Petition to the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Calling for an Immediate End of Forced Organ Harvesting From Falun Gong Practitioners in China.

What about the harvesting of non falun dafa practitioner’s organs?

You can write: “Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China”.

And what real power does any human rights group have to stop the PRC from organ harvesting?

You can see what would happen in China, the accident rate would mysteriously go up.

When history turns this darkest page, it is important that one can say, “I’ve chosen the righteousness! I’ve done what I am supposed to do!”

[quote]After the Second World War, the international community was shocked to discover the genocide of Jewish people within the Nazi Germany. At least 6 million Jewish people were deliberately killed in the concentration camps. Since then, in order to prevent the same tragedy from happening again, the international community promised “Never Again” to genocide.
Sadly, more than half a century later, genocide is happening today on the other side of the earth. Since July 20, 1999, millions of Falun Gong practitioners have been subjected to genocide under the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship. The persecution of Falun Gong has made millions of innocent Chinese people live in helpless fear.[/quote]

[quote]Reports on the Live Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Practitioners
Since early 2000, the number of organ transplant operations in China increased drastically. The normal wait time for liver or kidney in the international market is usually several years. But in China, it takes only 1 to 2 weeks. The exceedingly short wait time is alarming to experts. The boom of organ transplant in China coincides with the large-scale arrest, detention and disappearance of Falun Gong practitioners. WOIPFG conducted comprehensive investigation in China and obtained evidences that prove the existence of live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. This heinous crime has been committed under the systematic cooperation and protection of CCP’s judiciary system, military and armed police forces hospitals. WOIPFG published a series of investigative reports on this subject since March 2006.[/quote]

It’s true there are some very bad practices in organ transplantation in China, using organs of convicted prisoners without consent, and there is huge money in this industry with people flying in from all over the world for these illicit surgeries. I have heard large numbers of Taiwanese go there for transplants also.

According to the lawyer, it is illegal for Spanish citizens to knowingly obtain an organ for transplant from an illicit source.

[quote] Mr. Carlos Iglesias, a lawyer from Spain, spoke at the rally about a Spanish law that makes it illegal for Spanish citizens to knowingly obtain an organ for transplant from an illicit source[/quote]. … 41323.html

It is good for people to do sth to support the basic human rights. … ct-form-13