Pets in Taiwan other than dogs and cats

Saw a shop with chinchillas, hedgehogs, mice.

I didn’t realize chinchillas jump around so much.


I myself have a hamster and would like to share some things I’ve learned.

First, I advise everyone considering a pet to do their own research beforehand and not rely only on what the pet shop says or offers.

For example, none of the hamster cages sold in shops here in Taoyuan even come close to meeting the minimum floor space recommended by hamster experts.

Also, much of the wood shavings for sale are made from pine or other oil-rich woods that cause respiratory problems in rodents, so it’s necessary to read the labels to ensure your pet’s good health.

Some folks emotionally rush into getting a pet without realizing the full extent of the care that’s needed, including time and financial requirements. Fortunately, there’s a lot of good information available on the internet.

For what it’s worth, a hamster is a good starter pet:

· As long as you have a big enough enclosure (minimum floorspace of 450 in² Dwarf / 620 in² Syrian) your hamster won’t get bored and will be healthier (they run up to 5km a night in the wild).

· Cleaning up after them is a breeze compared to dogs and cats.

· I’ve never had a landlord refuse a pet hamster.

· Food is cheap.

· Hamsters are solitary desert dwellers, so having only one is not a problem; in fact, it’s recommended. They do not need a partner to be happy, and will often fight if they do have a partner (because of competing for food in their natural habitat).

· This might sound heartless but it’s practical: Hamsters don’t require a huge time commitment because they live for only about 2 years (although my last one lived two weeks shy of 3).

· You can train hamsters to be cuddly and enjoy being held. Conversely, if you’re not interested in bonding but just want to observe them, that’s fine too because of their solitary nature mentioned above.

Here’s a photo of Ben my hamster inside a “large” plastic hamster cage typically sold in stores. He was inside it temporarily until I could set up his enclosure, the big glass one.

Here’s his enclosure set up

And here’s Ben


Nice setup! You should get him on MTV Cribs.


I saw a woman in Danshui walk a pet pig… does that count?


I often see this big fellow “parked” outside a 7-11 close to Liuzhangli. I met the owner once, and she let me pet it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you salivate while petting the pig and going “mmmm… bacon”?


That’s an interesting leashing arrangement.

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I’m vegetarian, but my girlfriend named the pig “Bacon” too. She also calls those ducks that you see in parks “Dinner”. :sweat_smile:


I’m not sure about eating city animals, because they probably eat trash all the time…


Dang!!! I need that set up for mine and one suited for my beardie.

Does anyone know what kind of hamster this big one is? They were way bigger than mine! I saw them while getting stuff for my babies. Wish I could adopt them :heart_eyes:

The small ones are Siberian dwarf hamsters if I remember right.

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Aren’t we boycotting Russian products now? :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder if that is the same woman who runs a barbershop? I used to see her walking her pig around the neighborhood and seeing the two of them at the barbershop. He was a monster pig. This was 9 years ago and he suddenly wasn’t around. I recall their always being a neighborhood BBQ. I always wondered if they ate the pig. I’ll find a photo

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I got the idea from YouTube videos. Look up Ikea Detolf. It’s a glass shelving unit that many hamster owners have converted to swanky enclosures. The Ikea in Taoyuan carries it so I would assume other locations do as well. Took me less than an hour to build by myself. I used these cheap disposable barbecue grills as a lid…

Looks like mine which is a Syrian (敘利亞倉鼠, but commonly called 黃金鼠) He’s quite a bit larger, and mellower, than my previous Robo Dwarf (老公公鼠).


I raised a squirrel that had been abandoned. He didn’t even have his eyes opened yet. The family dog led me to the baby. I raised him until he was full grown. The wife made me get rid of him. Another member here adopted him and still has him as a house pet afaik. I tried to release him back into the wild but he’d beat me running to the door each time.


Maybe? Though I saw the pig last week, so I don’t think it is the same animal. (I hope he didn get eaten!)

The older Mr Pig from just north of Liuguongli MRT 9 years ago


I heard pigs can get REALLY big if you let them… and with tusks and all that too. Don’t let them go feral because they can really mess up the ecosystem (they eat anything).

There’s a reason why you can kill them with impunity in Texas.


The squirrel I raised from last spring. He didn’t have his eyes opened yet. Pictured is him being fully grown just a couple of weeks before I gave him away to another forumosa member because the wife said the squirrel had to go. Also a photo of the baby the day I found him.


The lady looks quite similar! Maybe it’s the same pig…or they ate the old one and got a new one.

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