Pets in Taiwan other than dogs and cats

Hell, from my photos I now realize those are different pigs. It was during the same time and in the same neighborhood.


Photo of the pig and lady on the sidewalk are along Keelung and south of Heping closer to Xinhai Road

I see a lot of pet birds here. Two birds on leashes at the park yesterday. Couple people with large parrot-like birds at a park once before. People driving scooters with birds on their shoulder.

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Has anyone taken their pets overseas? I’m not sure what to do with bearded dragon or hamster? Ship them?
I believe my rabbits I can take on board?

Happy holidays from us :yum::sparkling_heart:

Btw learn from my mistake, they will escape lol. Oops.


Saw someone walking a lemur in Taichung today. I didn’t know Taiwan allowed exotic pets (by which I mean from other continents and not your dogs/cats/hamsters)

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How long does it take you guys to clean up after your pets?

I feel like rabbits take a long time. Hamster and bearded dragon like 5 seconds lol.

I have a horse. Is it a pet?


More horse photos please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve got a pet collection so it takes me a long time to clean everything. I usually get one of the kids in my school to help. I love creating little environments for them so it’s a labor of love :two_hearts:


Ohhhhh let’s see? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll post pictures when I have all of my animals set up for my window display. One of my favorite things when I was a kids was looking at all the animals at the pet store. I want to recreate that for the kids around town.

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Welp LPT if you have rabbits: don’t use scissors or you’ll have to find a vet on Saturday :smiling_face_with_tear:
Poor guy has to go back to get stitches out this weekend

Hi guys, I have a question regarding having a hamster in Taiwan if may.

Hamster don’t like too much heat right? So, i was wondering how you guys do in the summer;
Do you keep the AC on at like 24-25 degrees all the time?

(If I’m correct, it can easily get to 28-30 degree during the day (or all the time…) in an apartment without AC and i wonder if that’s ok for them…)

Thanks a lot

local pet shop has a meerkat. NTD68000

We actually had a few pet meerkats growing up, but seeing it in a pet shop in Taiwan, all alone… It just doesn’t sit right with me

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Don’t they have a really strong smell?


I’ve kept two different hamsters over the past five years, both living to a respectable old age for a hamster. During the summer when I wasn’t home I simply kept my ceiling fan running, and I made sure they had water and weren’t in direct sunlight, of course.

Hamsters are originally desert dwellers so there should be no problem.

Small pet cooling mats are sold in pet stores as well. I had one in my hamster’s enclosure but they never seemed to use it much.


I don’t turn on the AC for my cat either. They’re desert animals, they can tolerate the heat… (I know this isn’t on topic but just work with me a little bit…)

There’s a cat cafe in Taipei with a few meerkats you can play with.