Please describe the very worst beer you have ever had

Ok, I WILL buy a can or two. Where in Kaohsiung can I buy some?

Check RT Mart. They had it in the discount rack, $89 for a six pack.

Menthol beer sounds truly awful. Is there a hickory smoked beer? That could be potentially disastrous as well.

My worst beer is relatively inoffensive. I really don’t like double chocolate stouts.


I find the super strong beers absolutely disgusting , Csrlsberg ‘homeless special’ elephant beer…Tennant’s special brew .That kind. :money_mouth_face: They taste like liquid alcoholic treacle.

Anyone ever had Keystone light? Popular with the college crowd, it’s like garbage beer that gets watered down.

I’d take Keystone over Hamm’s.

Rauchbier from Germany. Tastes like you are drinking a burning campfire log.
I like it (in moderation, though).

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Never tried burning campfire long, so I’ll take your word for it. :slight_smile:

Tastes more like a smoked ham to me. Like drinking bacon!

Pretty much any American beer that isn’t craft and artisanal. Absolutely bland and taste like water downed beer to me.

I got a hold of can in Kaohsiung and had it this afternoon in rural Pingtung.
Are you sure it’s non alcoholic?
I’m not a real drinker so forgive my poor terms…
Unlike Taiwan fake beer, I opened my can of Heineken and gave it’s a sniff.
It’s smelled like beer and something possibly alcoholic gave my nose a tickle.
I had some and it even tasted a bit like beer. It was smooth and it tasted good.
But I felt a little strange, almost buzzed.
And I relaxed and a little off for about an hour.
There may be no alcohol in there but there is a certain strangeness…
Could it be something like what they put in medicated cough drops to numb your throat or relax your throat.
anyway and maybe this so real that it was just a psychological thing but I’m not quite sure.
I will buy this again but until I get to the bottom of this I am not driving without being sure.

Red Horse Extra Strong (for the hellish hangover)
Budweiser (bland)

0.0% means zero alcohol, yes

I was in a dive bar in Luang Prabang in 1999. My friend and I ordered beers, and the waitress brought out two cold bottles from the back. Apparently, getting cold beers (rather than warm ones with ice cubes added) was a novelty at this time. She opened them up and they overflowed with fizz as the beer was about 1/4 ice. Only half the beer remained when the bottle settled down, about half of which was ice. We tried to explain that we didn’t want to pay for this 1/4 beer, but she wasn’t understanding. So we ended up having to pay for a flat, horrible beer that we didn’t even get to drink.

While I’m sure that there were some worse tasting beers that I’ve had (skunked beer my fraternity bought at discount, warm beers in china, or floaters we drank at the end of a party), that one felt the worst.