☣️ Poisoning of Alexey Navalny with Novichok

His video detailing how FSB agents were trailing him for 3 years and did 3 failed attempts to murder him by poisoning him with ‘Novichok’. Last one almost succeeded.
Backed up by airline passenger and phone logs.

Use subtitles.


If you click on the CNN article it links to their video story, it’s really excellent work, reporter literally tracking down one of the alleged FSB agents at his apartment.


Bellingcat: good name.

Navalny, from the video subtitles, at around 3:45:

At around 4:51:

From around 14:40 to around 16:51:

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Sounds like dangerous work.

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Watched. Bump.

Very lucky surviving poisoning two times. He must be getting immune by now.

Now we need to cultivate those antibodies.

I bet covid-19 virus has no chance surviving in his blood.
He should donate blood to cure covid.

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It gets better. Navalny disguise calls one from the FSB kill squad and receives report why the poisoning failed.
Poison was applied to his underwear. He survived because the plane did an emergency landing and medics saved his life.
Local police took the clothes, then FSB removed all evidence, twice. Then returned the clothes to police.

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Actual phone-call starts at 8’ in to that video.

Konstantin Borisovich won’t be a popular man in the Kremin, right now. At least he was a little circumspect, not being contacted on official channels, but he gave enough away to confirm that there was a PSB operation to poison Navalny.

Hard to explain that away.

Navalny nails one of the guys that tried to kill him. Love it.

When he goes back to Russia they will probably charge him with ‘terrorism’ by disguising the calling number to deceive an active FSB member, revealing ‘state secrets’ on the internet.
20 years in the Siberian gulag, case closed.

A criminal investigation was started against Lyubov Sobol for ringing the door at residence address from one of FSB operatives (Konstantin Kudryavtsev) who attempted to poison Navalny.

Edit: Released without charges

Other journalist were detained and questioned by police being near FSB buildings where some of the Novichok kill squad members are working.

I’m not sure he will ever go back. Would you, under these circumstances? He’ll probably get targeted again, but it’ll be harder outside Russia than inside.

Gangster state indeed. I’m 99 per cent certain they have dirt on Trump which is why he always acted so weird with Russia.
Navalny is sharp witted, I’m impressed how he got the guy to spill a lot of the beans.

Hope he goes back. If he doesn’t, then Putin has effectively won. Much harder to organise and rally the SmartVote troops from outside Russia. But there comes a point when you want to be alive, not dead. Can’t keep an eye on all your pairs of underpants, all the time.

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It can’t be up to one guy. He’s already suffered enough. He seems extremely stubborn though. Impressive individual.

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin released a report on the poisoning in a medical journal.

Kremlin opponent Navalny plans to return to Moscow this Sunday after being poisoned. He will land on January 17 on a plane operated by the Russian airline Pobeda (Victory), he announced on Twitter. Navalny has been staying in Germany for treatment since August after the assassination attempt with the nerve agent Novichok.

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Interesting read the other day. Had to dig to find it on google.