☣️ Poisoning of Alexey Navalny with Novichok

Russians are dumb. Hopelessly stupid. They are amateurs of the worst kind. Ignoramuses on steroids. Why?

Well, for one, their so-called super-dooper biowarfare agent “Novichok” seems unable to kill anybody . The Russians must have realized that. This is why, when they tried to kill Skripal (after freeing him from jail) they put that Novichok thing all over the place: on the bench near Salisbury, on Skripal’s door handle, even in some bottle of perfume a local addict found in the trash. Probably all over the Skripal home, and this is why the Brits initially said that they would tear down the extremely toxic place (yet both the Skripal cat and their hamster survived – tells you how utterly useless that pretend biowarfare substance really was…).

One would have thought that after this total cluster-bleep the Russians would have learned their lesson.

But no. They are clearly too dumb for that.

So they decided to poison Alexei Navalnyi, a well-know “dissident”.

And they failed.


Not only did the use exactly the same “Novichok” (or so says the German media), they allowed Navalnyi’s aircraft to make an emergency landing and the FSB did nothing to prevent an ambulance to bring Navalnyi to a hospital. Apparently, the FSB does not even have the authority to prevent such urgent treatment of the man they want to kill. Heck, they can even create a traffic jam to prevent Navalnyi from getting to a hospital.

How incompetent!

Even worse, these accursed Russki doctors gave Navalnyi atropine, the exact same substance the Germans gave him. Makes me wonder if these doctors were not all CIA/BND agents trying to save Navalnyi’s life…

Clearly, the FSB are also stupid: they can’t even get aircraft or doctors to obey them…

But it gets worse. In spite of the fact that Navalnyi has broken the terms of his suspended sentence and in spite of the fact that such a person cannot leave the country, these Russian imbeciles allowed him to fly to Germany while his body was still full of Novichok sloshing around.

All the Russians needed to do to kill Navalnyi would have been to give him a heart attack using any one of the many untraceable agents in existence (say, potassium chloride).

In despair, the clueless FSB might have caused Navalnyi do die in a car “crash”.

But they can’t even do that. Shame on you, FSB!

And since Navalnyi is diabetic, killing him ought to be fantastically simple: just give him the wrong dose of meds and, voilà , bye-bye Navalnyi. But not, these idiots decided to use the now infamous Novichok.

Obviously, Russians are the dumbest, most incompetent, idiots on the planet! Russian special services and biological research institutes are especially known for the crass incompetence. Proof

They stole the Covid19 vaccine from the Brits, THEN they made it dangerous.



Just like the so-called Russian hackers (another Russian category famous for its extremely low IQ!) could not even try to hack DNC computers or steal the 2016 election without leaving their Russian sounding aliases all over the place. Heck, these hackers even worked only during Moscow time office hours.

I am telling you – the Russians are fantastically stupid, the dumbest people on the planet.

Especially their intel and security officers, their biowarfare specialists and their hackers. Morons. All of them!

Let’s all repeat it together: the Russians are dumb! the Russians are dumb! the Russians are dumb!

That is very “highly likely”!

-The Saker

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You sure live in a whole alternative world.
Everything is turned upside down and only you have the special insight to see through it all. You are indeed SPECIAL. You’ve obviously got MASTER degrees in toxicology coming out of the wazoo. You SURE know your shit.

Except you didn’t notice that the Russians (KGB or whatever group Putin commands through influence ) have been doing this for a long time to dissidents, ever since Putin came to power. And knocking off any opposition politician who got too popular.

It takes a special kind of paranoia to think MI5 in the UK are going around spreading chemical weapons as part of a false flag operation .

And then the Germans are detecting it aswell separately. How do you explain that ?

Remember Navalny wasn’t supposed to live and be able to get out to Germany. That was just some great fortune on his part that they had an emergency landing to give him initial treatment and some docs looked out for him.

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Are you implying Conspiracy Monthly magazine is not a reliable source?
The Truth Is Out There!
Or in here…or somewhere…well, wherever it is, They don’t want you to know it.


Hey now. I have friends who subscribe to Conspiracy Monthly and even that rag won’t publish this nonsense…

It’s a conspiracy!

Nah, it’s just Russian culture.

And @BrianJones is always right on everything.
Sorry, forgot that golden rule of forumosa :slight_smile:
Because the NYT are always right, and the West never does anything bad.
If you want to add up kill ratios, I think the West is a winner by 100,000s in the Mideast with their “kill policy”.

Well, I, for one, have never been noted for my reticence in criticising the West for doing bad things (or the NYT for supporting them- does the name Judith Miller ring a bell?). You should have been here in the Iraq War days.
It’s just that other countries, like Russia and China, sometimes do bad things too.

Totally agree. Russia, China, US, UK, France all do bad things.
And to a degree in espionage, most likely (no one really knows) they probably do about the same.