Police killing of Ma’Khia Bryant

New footage of the knife video:

Once in handcuffs and secured it’s a different story.

Did you mean this as a reply to me? And is this the right thread? Would you like my opinion on this event?

It doesn’t change my mind about the Chauvin verdict, if that was the point. I still believe that justice was served.

Split this from George Floyd thread.

ObServe and Protest

I mean…come one, man.


You liked it for the OJ clip…right?

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What makes you say that?

My sense of humor. :wink:


I was expecting another dig :slight_smile:


Well, I never.

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It’s useful to have contributions from experts.

Yeah, why OJ feels the need to speak in public at all anymore is out of my capacity to properly reflect upon.


Didn’t this guy recently say that facts are not the priorities to reporting? Oh Lester, you jester.

As for warning shots? Where? In the air? What if they come down on some other kid stabbing someone?

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The cop should have let her stab the other girl to death, and then shot her to death. Then the outrage mob could have been outraged twice over.

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Oh look, the girl who Ma’Khia was trying to stab is now getting death threats from people who are pissed off that the cops didn’t let Ma’Khia stab her.

Maybe if one of these loonies kills her, the outrage mob can still get that two-fer. Or maybe even a three-fer if a cop shoots the loonie.

It’s all good, innit?

The police had to stop a murder. The police choice the least worst option here.


If America wants to fix the issues with its policing it first needs to understand why guns are drawn first.

If everyone could potentially be carrying a gun the only sensible option for police is to assume everyone is carrying a gun with the intent to use said gun.

Take guns out of the public’s hands. The NRA has much blood on its hands.

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Perhaps you should change your user name first? Also, what does gun control have to do with a rampaging teen carrying a knife?



The officer saved the young lady’s life. He did the right thing.