Policing in America

But they should also know that the gravest threat to Black lives is not the police; it’s crime. In 2019, when nine unarmed African Americans died in police shootings, 7,484 Black people lost their lives in homicides. African Americans are six times more likely than whites to be killed in a homicide, which is the leading cause of death among Black Americans between 10 and 24. But MSNBC rarely shares these details, because they don’t fit the larger narrative of police misconduct and brutality.

This is an interesting podcast, I’ll have to listen to it more. They get into policing at 1:04:30, very good conversation.

Another day another Karen, a black Karen this time though.

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LASD also tells me the woman has a history of making false complaints against deputies. I’ve learned what her name is, and she has been a professor at schools in the LA area, but at this time, I will not be identifying her because she has not returned any of my calls or emails.

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WTF is wrong with Americans. No wonder that guy wants to foolishly denounce his citizenship on here.

She’s a piece of work.

But it’s hard to give LASD the benefit of the doubt. :smiley: What happened before this video? Is the deputy being looked into him violating policies with his personal recordings? :stuck_out_tongue:

A traffic infraction?

I think he bought his own because one wasn’t issued. Now THAT’s an issue? lol

Yes, it’s against policy, per the link I included.

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Members shall not use a personal cellular telephone or any other similar personal communication or recording device to record, store, document, catalog, transmit, and/or forward any image, document, scene, or environment captured as a result of their employment and/or while performing official Department business that is not available or accessible to the general public.

You appear to be correct. :+1:

There’s never been any shortage of Americans being idiots with the police.