Political Implications of IQ Tests [Split from Topic "First time to the U.K. Strange...']


Mr. Lin, just look at the average IQs of the people who are moving to London en masse:

Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad

Shouldn’t it be: “look at the average IQs of people in the countries from where people are moving to London en masse”

In the case of India for example, while the average IQ of ALL Indians might be 25, the IQ of Indian people ending up in London is probably much higher. Maybe even higher than the average of people in the UK. I think when presenting facts, one needs to be very precise to make a good argument.


I lol’ed because an IQ of 25 would be just slightly above a potato.


I did that on purpose… no I didn’t… :slight_smile:


Not talking about India.

Read between the lines, I’m sure you can.


There is only one line in that post… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Correct. That is precisely what happens. My experience is this: 80% of kids, regardless of their genetics or the parenting skills of their parents, start out in life pretty normal and with at least a modicum of intelligence. They then get royally fucked-up by going to school with a vocal minority of little bastards, who are allowed to do whatever they like lest their fragile egos should be bruised. Simply allowing those 20% to fail in isolation - which they would do regardless - allows the remaining 80% to succeed.

Those parents who care not one jot about their children’s happiness or future life experience will not send their children to schools that serve the needs of parents who do.


People have got to stop quoting these bigoted IQ bs.


Oh good grief. Someone else who thinks statistics is something to do with politics. IQ scores certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all, and one must be careful to understand what it is they measure, but they’re not entirely meaningless.


From a psychological/behavioral point of view, this is 100% correct. A rotten apple in a basket of good apples drags drown the rest, it has been proven in many studies (not studies about apples, but kids…just for clarity…it’s 2017)

“This data is not politically correct and makes me feel uncomfortable, therefore the data is wrong”.



Whatever you say, the truth is all these IQ tests are incredibly biased and tailored for certain groups of people (Asians and Caucasians), for enhancing the stereotypes of geeky Asians, dumb blacks, and fun-loving, cool whites. They are incredibly eugenist and practically pseudoscience.

It’s the same with the bullshit PISA survey. High scoring countries on PISA are those of grinding rote education, not those of better education. The fact that people are buying this kind of crap is just pathetic to say the least.

It’s not wrong. Just heavily selective and revised for agenda-pushing.


If data is correct, it doesn’t push any agenda. Calling behavioral psychology “pseudoscience” just because you don’t like the results of the studies is reprehensible.


Hmmm. Are you saying that black people and white people are fundamentally different sorts of people? Different to the point where what they are is hard-wired beyond even the malleability of genes and environment? Different, indeed, as a direct result of their skin colour?

Fascinating, Captain. It’s only a short step from there to ‘the white man’s burden’, so it’s no wonder you recoil so far from the logical implications of your beliefs.

Don’t bandy around words like ‘pseudoscience’ unless you actually have a science education. IQ tests measure what they measure. If you don’t want to use the word ‘intelligence’, that’s fine. There is lots to criticize about them - for example, boiling down a multidimensional result (visio-spatial, verbal, etc) into a single number loses a lot of information - but there is nothing ‘pseudo’ about them. If someone cannot mentally rotate a triangle then they cannot mentally rotate a triangle, and that has real-world implications.

Er no. Finland is one of the top scorers, and they are renowned for having actual, proper education. Again, while there might be some valid criticisms, it’s pretty indisputable that the people on the top of the PISA survey churn out functional kids and the ones at the bottom churn out useless idiots.

Anyway, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that most of what we call ‘education’ is just memorization, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. While thinking about stuff is important, it’s not much use if you don’t have some hard facts to think about. Five times six will always be thirty; it doesn’t matter how you get that fact into someone’s head, but for most people it’s a useful thing to know.


I’ll give you a hint: the Middle East.


No. I’m saying these IQ reports are pushing this agenda.

Well, scientific racism is pseudoscience, which is what these heavily tailored IQ tests are.

Taiwan is also one of the top scorers, yet all I see is complaints about how Taiwanese kids turn out to be dysfunctional idiots.


Yeah, you basically said there what IbisWtf said: “I don’t like this result therefore its wacist”.

While this might have been true 50 years ago, modern IQ tests are carefully tuned to avoid questions with possible cultural bias.

Can you explain, specifically, with reference to particular IQ test items, why an IQ test might be biased against people who aren’t pink?


“Heavily tailored tests”…holy Christ almighty. Gathering a bunch of people and asking all of them to do the same thing is now racist pseudoscience because it shows that different people reach different results.


Except for maybe that one goof a couple nights ago who was in here pissing all over the place about race/IQ correlation and citing a rampant unashamedly White Supremist website. His data was certainly “wrong”, wouldn’t you say, hmmm???


The source of data is “sort of” irrelevant. If some data is correct, it doesn’t really matter if it’s delivered by a nazi, by the pope or by Sasha Grey.
If a source is questionable then it’s worth investigating into the information to see if they’ve been modified or cherry picked, but if the data is solid…well, that’s it.

Strange and Unexpected Impressions While Traveling Abroad

Wow, that’s just total Upside Down Think.
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A foaming-at-the-mouth White Race Survival webpage as a source of data is pretty friggin “questionable”, no matter how much you equivocate.

And I don’t trust Sasha Grey ever since she dumped Vinnie Chase, fuck her.

Uhhh, figuratively, I mean.