POLL: Did you worry about crime/safety BEFORE you came to Taiwan

So I saw this web site (I was looking at small EU nations info) and saw the ranking of Taiwan there as being less safe (I do not agree with some what it says, but some must) so was thinking what others thought BEFORE they arrived

How Safe Is Taiwan for Travel? (2022 Updated) ⋆ Travel Safe - Abroad[poll name=poll2 type=multiple results=always

  • I thought Taiwan had high crime before I arrived
  • I thought Taiwan had moderate crime before I arrived
  • I thought Taiwan had low crime before I arrived
  • I knew nothing at all about Taiwan before I arrived

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“I thought Taiwan had low crime before I arrived, but had no idea just how unsafe the traffic was”.


“I had no idea about Taiwan before I arrived, but I was shocked at the crimes against the environment I saw after arrival.”



I thought taiwan would of had more petty street crime than it does. A nice surprise. I had no idea it was possible to have so much organized crime though.


Us Italians would like a word with you.


Idk why you insist on spreading misinformation.

That website looks incredibly stupid. But I think most foreigners would go to their foreign ministry/state department website, which would usually say Taiwan has very low level of crime, or people they know who’ve been there for travel advice than consult this shady site.


Oh @Gain your sense of humour is something else!

You are joking, right?



Is there organised crime? Sure. Is it particularly widespread compared to other countries? No.


Well if you stay in the comfy bounds of Daan, you won’t meet those people.

If you are involved in other industries in other parts of the island, let’s just say there are around. Examples: construction, gravel, temples, night markets, sex industry, etc etc etc.



Lol. I don’t live in Da’an.

What are you on about? Gonna have to explain that one, sorry. I expected more petty street crime and less organized crime before i came. Now that i live here my opinion is the exact opposite. Thats an honest opinion not misinformation lol.

Though i havent been to Italy so apparently @marco has something to say about that. But its outside of my experience of living in taiwan so i wouldnt know.

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You imply that organised crime is particularly bad here when it isn’t? Sure, gangs exist, but to spread that they are so prevalent that most others would come in contact with them is misinformation.

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You’d need to organise yourselves first :joy:

The only crime in Italy is me keep getting robbed in the supermarket when they find out I’m not Italian.

Yea. Italy is far worse than Taiwanese gangs.

Taiwanese gangs are like Canadian gangs and mafiosi. They exist, but not really visible.

I didnt say that. Reread the original qwstion t hen my opinion as an answer. Not spreadin anything.


Because its not common here haha :slight_smile:

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Lmao. :rofl:

No comment.

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I did not worry about safety where I came from in the US. I did worry once I came here and started driving a scooter.

I was also surprised at the level of organized crime in everyday business and politics. I didn’t go looking for those types of people, but ran into them within my first year here.


Then you were probably looking for them. I have never run into them and I am not a foreigner.

Sure there are a few of them. And?