[Poll] How Long Will DJ Trump Stay in Office?



You know, Obama killed Kennedy, right?
Obama led the students in overtaking the US embassy in Tehran. Obama was the mastermind behind apartheid. Obama avoided service in Vietnam. Obama orchestrated 9/11. Obama caused hurricanes Katriana AND Sandy. Obama was the Sandy Hook shooter. And Columbine. That, or he bought the guns.

Anne Coulter is Obama in drag. Sean Hannity, is Obama. Bill O’Reilly? More like Bill O’bama.

Obama was behind Watergate.

Obama is the lovechild between a Vietnamese prostitute and John McCain.

Obama shot JR.

If it happened, and it was bad…Obama did it.

Sad attempt at humor, but is it really that bad if people actually believe it?


Quote of a quote. I am tired of arguing with that guy.

I have typed till my fingers bled. He will not let go of the the idea that socialism, fascism, and even nazism, are all one in the same. He has said as such. Read his replies.

Jurists can rule one way at one time, then a later generation can overturn that ruling. The writings of Madison, Monroe, Adams, and Washington and Jefferson all give credence to the fact that the constitution was intentionally vague. I am NOT saying that was their intent, I am saying that was how it could be seen as purposely doing it. This ambiguity gives the constitution its “living and breathing” feel.

This may sound like a defence of that guy, but…at one time the Dems were classical liberalists. Beginning about 1948 and completing in about 1968, there was an ideological shift between the Dems and GOP and it had 100% to do with…civil rights. The Dems thought it right (or opportunistic) to give African-Americans the same rights as everyone else. The GOP saw how angry this made people, and saw an opportunity and have been capitalizing on it since.


With all the practice you get, you ought to be better at sarcasm by now.


You convinced me that Trump is the goodest leader!


FDR savior of capitalism? How so? Actually, the previous Republican president, Herbert Hoover is responsible for handing power back to the Democrats. When the stock market crashed, he did everything related to government muscle, he was truly our first Keynesian president, back when that kind of economics was just aborning. FDR actually campaigned, successfully, that Hoover was the candidate for big government.


Yes, I suppose they were rivals, but after Hitler violated their Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, they were enemies for sure from then on. It was a falling out among thieves.


Statism describes the State over all spheres. Socialism appertains to the economic sphere, but it always requires statism to implement it. Mussolini doesn’t get into his economics, because it gets into details and hard or boring for common people to grasp; and besides it was meant to be implemented secretly, he wouldn’t want people to know. But he certainly knew how he would apply Statism to the economy.


Sometimes laws can be vague and hard to interpret, but the Constitution was written to be very clear, as it limits the government. Yes, the Democrats attempt to render it ambiguous, living and breathing, so that they can interpolate their own ideas, which in effect makes them legislators instead of judges, with much more power, being few in number (nine judges compared to 535 legislators), never elected or voted out, until they retire or die. It is corruption at the maximum, jurists are not meant to legislate in our system.

The Democrats have been the slave party and the KKK party, and it has everything to do with opportunism, they switched when they realized it was all going against them, and found a way to keep them an inferior class for perpetuity by making them dependent on Democrats and government via irresponsible welfare and such in exchange for their votes.

The Republican Party was originally the black party, and the first black governors and congressmen were all Republicans. Democrats try to cast Republicans as racists for seeing through the chicanery of Democrat demagoguery towards blacks


The appointment of jurists, and their terms, are in the constitution. If you have read it, like I am guessing you have, you would know it is in there.

The US constitution is open to interpretation, except that that is written clearly and distinctly. Even a GOP appointed jurist agrees with me. Read this excerpt from Justice Kennedy, I will include a link so you can read the whole opinion.

“The Eighth Amendment , applicable to the States through the Fourteenth Amendment , provides that “[e]xcessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The Amendment proscribes “all excessive punishments, as well as cruel and unusual punishments that may or may not be excessive.” Atkins, 536 U. S., at 311, n. 7. The Court explained in Atkins, id., at 311, and Roper, supra, at 560, that the Eighth Amendment ’s protection against excessive or cruel and unusual punishments flows from the basic “precept of justice that punishment for [a] crime should be graduated and proportioned to [the] offense.” Weems v. United States, 217 U. S. 349, 367 (1910) . Whether this requirement has been fulfilled is determined not by the standards that prevailed when the Eighth Amendment was adopted in 1791 but by the norms that “currently prevail.” Atkins, supra, at 311. The Amendment “draw[s] its meaning from the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.” Trop v. Dulles, 356 U. S. 86, 101 (1958) (plurality opinion). This is because “[t]he standard of extreme cruelty is not merely descriptive, but necessarily embodies a moral judgment. The standard itself remains the same, but its applicability must change as the basic mores of society change.” Furman v. Georgia, 408 U. S. 238, 382 (1972) (Burger, C. J., dissenting).”


Again, you have glazed over something I have said to attempt to make your point. I mentioned an ideological shift. How a party once was, or the reasons they were created are moot to their present conditions. The GOP took control of the southern US, rather quickly, not due to any economic policy, but of the GOPs social policy and its love affair with the religious leaders in the South. (no gays, no blacks) And these very red states are leading the charge to repeal the VRA, calling it “unnecessary.” And these same states are pushing for voter restrictions that they know full well who it will hinder…those that will vote against them.

Who is using race?



Well, Obama DID avoid the draft and service in Vietnam. What was his excuse? I bet it wasn’t as serious as a “bone spur”, because I had the winningest bone spurs! That is better than that failing W who served in the Guard. I bet Trump would have served in the Guard. He loves his country so much, he would defend it from here! Damn bone spurs. What was that loser traitor John McCain’s excuse? Oh, his dad and grandfather were admirals? Lame.


Here we go again… Sorry I don’t have time to play this round. :whistle:


“I will not rate. I’ll backdate, but will not rate.” - Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian (attributed)


It is no secret that Kennedy turned out to be a trojan horse candidate that Reagan appointed, Sandra O’Connor as well. The Republicans had been stupid on judges for a long time, but Reagan was the first to realize the war on the court that the Democrats were already waging. Even so, he missed a couple times and we accidentally get liberal Republican judges. Democrats never accidentally get a conservative. We can’t afford to do that again, and Trump is vigilant enough, he won’t let that happen. I think he’s sending signals to Kennedy it’s time for him to step down so we can do it right this time.

Have you not read the other GOP’s response to their fellow Republican?

The GOP took the south during Reagan, by that time race wasn’t even a factor, they were Reagan Democrats, mostly because the Democrat Party changed and became more liberal, less conservative voices, particularly during the Vietnam War peace-movement at all costs, the social unrest, etc, it wasn’t the party of Kennedy anymore. Reagan was a Democrat before, he states, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.”

As for the VRA, stipulating that certain southern states must still be singled out for scrutiny before changing their voting laws, it is unnecessary. We aren’t what we were 40 years ago.

As far as I know, all Republican states require ID when voting, so that illegals and dead Democrats can’t vote and living Democrats twice or twelve times. California and other states are lax on ID because they know the illegals will vote Democrat, and reward them with goodies in return. That’s how California carried the national popular vote for Clinton incongruous with its electoral vote…because the electoral vote in California represents its legitimate voting force.


Sure they do. Byron White was essentially one. He dissented in Roe v Wade and voted to uphold the anti-sodomy laws in Georgia. He died in the early 2000s and was a Kennedy appointment.

Wikipedia: White said he was most comfortable on Rehnquist’s court. He once said of Earl Warren, “I wasn’t exactly in his circle.”[3] On the Burger Court, the Chief Justice was fond of assigning important criminal procedure and individual rights opinions to White, because of his frequently conservative views on these questions.


Ok, I stand corrected.

But I especially meant after the Republicans got smart about the battle starting with Reagan. Democrats had long been packing the court since FDR and Republicans hardly cognizant or reacting to it at all. But White does seem an exception.


Looks like Bannon’s toast


I originally thought out by end of 2018 midterms. I’m revising that to end of 2017. The GOP are salivating to get rid of unpredictable and embarrassing hot mess Trump and install an agreeable normie like Pence.


I am on your side, but I do not see that happening. Not yet. It depends on how his support goes and who supports him. If they see there is power in this white nationalist thing, they may ride with it. Power is power.

That said.

President Pence. Oh, the jokes would already start. Who would be VP? My guesses are…Paul Ryan, Mitchie poo, and some other guy I cannot think of. Paul Ryan has an unhealthy obsession with Ayn Rand, a writer who promoted rape and denounced religion. That might go against Pence’s sensibilities. McConnell. Not a very inspiring choice. Although, Taiwan would get the presidents attention. Maybe.

14 months to midterms, this is going to get interesting. The Taiwanese midterms are next year, too. I am quite interested to see that. It appears the Taiwanese are non too happy with Madam Tsai and the DPP. Although, I do not think the KMT will see the gains the DPP saw over the past 2 election cycles. Make up some ground, maybe.


He is firing or criticizing all the one’s supporting him, so depending on that he’ll be gone before the end of this year. His family and the David Dukes of this world are not enough support, I think.


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