Poll idea: Favorite Local Pop Star

A poll for living in Taiwan:

Favorite pan-Chinese pop star

or alternatively

Which pan-chinese pop-star should be voted off the island

Please list the stars you’d like to include in the poll. I’ll ask JeffG to have a look over here

Sorry it’s taken me so long to check back here.

I’d suggest: Wang Fei (Faye Wong), A-mei, Coco, Jolin, Elva, Sticky Rice, Ritchie Jen, Wu Bai, and “other.”

The problem with this poll is that there are so many choices, and lots of peoples favourite band might be quite alternative.

Anyway I’d add Mo Wen Wei (Karen Mok), Zhang Zhen(sp?) Yue, MC Hot Dog and Clippers.


I’d add Ritchie Walker – he’s so fab!

And those two blind (?) Taiwanese guys with the dark glasses and the accordion. (Actually, I kind of like these guys)

And let’s not forget that tall guy who wears those poofy powder blue tuxedoes and plays Kenny G covers on his saxophone – whatever became of him, anyway?

The thing is, you’ve got the flavor of the week phenomenon here, all of the “hot new talent” this week will have disappeared by next week when people realize that they are just some bigwig’s relative who can’t carry a tune. Anyone remember Zuo An-an? Which gangster/politician’s niece was she?

Then you’ve got the “Let’s put some random English words in our songs” crowd as well as the “let’s rip off Japanese songs that are themselves ripoffs of US songs” crowd. And of course Americans of Chinese decent who couldn’t make it in the states and decided to play their ultra-cool “Western Image” combined with “Familiar Looks” to con Taiwanese listeners out of their salaries with bad covers of other people’s music, people like Coco Lee who rips off songs like Di-da-di, and who is also one of the most pretentious people I’ve ever met. She had an entire entourage of people fawning over her when she came in for her interview. Contrast with Zhang Zhen-yue, who came in by himself and whose entire makeup session, something which took Coco a forever and a half, consisted of him adjusting his baseball cap.

And don’t even get me started on Samantha K, who I suspect is being channeled by new ICRT DJ Lily C, although Lily’s Chinese almost by default has to be better than Samantha’s.

Lily C!!! Samantha K!!!
Radio trainwrecks!!!
Poster children for retroactive abortion.

Hey guys! Keep the ideas coming, they are good!


Ju Ge Liang (spelling?)
That guy with curly hair who does all the variety shows?
Anyone on Super Sunday

Ooh Ooh!
China Dolls pleeeeeease!

LOL, Poagao! Don’t forget Sun Yen Dzi, and her fabulous renditions of “Venus” and “Hey, Jude”! (She’s also famous for throwing random English words into her songs, i.e. up2u)

How about we vote for the cutest belly buttons? Most of these female “stars” couldn’t sing their way out of a paper bag, but they do flash navels conspicuously and often. Vivian Hsu in a school uniform - yum…
For guys, shorthand for talent means colouring hair and sulking. Or wearing a baseball hat backwards if they aspire to the hip hop side of things.

Hey whatever happened to the self-styled “King of Rhythm & Blues”, Alex Du?

Originally posted by Maoman: How about we vote for the cutest belly buttons? Most of these female "stars" couldn't sing their way out of a paper bag, but they do flash navels conspicuously and often. Vivian Hsu in a school uniform - yum... [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]

This kind of leering, lecherous, old-man-drooling, stained trousers-wearing, sexist FILTH is exactly why true wimmin don’t need you sad excuses for sperm bags in their righteous Birkenstock-wearing lives.

Stand up and be counted, Grrrlz! Let your moustaches flow free!

Better include Chu Mei-feng for good measure huh?

Is this ever going to become a proper voting poll?

You mean you were serious? Surely its obvious from the posts that its a non-starter – its like asking which is worse, projectile diarrhea or suppurating scabies!

Its much more fun slagging these no-talent losers off!

Oh I miss Samantha K so much. She used to brighten up my day with her “jiu shrrrr, jiu shrrr zhe ge…” and clumsy attempts at hip English.

Personally, Faith Yang is the only pop singer I think is actually decent. Elva and A-mei don’t have much talent, but at least they have something resembling a personality. Coco Lee has to be the worst. She makes me ill. I love her English spot on the discovery channel where she pleads against using animal parts in medicines (littered with screwed up intonation and pronunciation).

Anybody catch the recent rounds by Billie, that grandma with the smoker voice. She wears the same “hip-hop” hat as Elva that you now see in all the markets. I love the way she promotes her album by crying on every show talking about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. Come to think of it. Celebrity crying has become a big trend lately, especially on the Oprahesque “Swallow Time”.

Originally posted by chainsmoker: ...especially on the Oprahesque "Swallow Time".

“Swallow Time”? That sounds pretty riske even by Taiwanese standards!

Yeah, everyone kept going on about how Samantha K could speak Chinese, but do you remember how awful her Chinese was? I never did understand that.

Yeah, I got a laugh from “swallow time”. It has that old biddy, Hsiao Yan (you know the one that looks like that “Madamn” puppet from the hollywood squares ages ago) sitting on a couch facing a celebrity sitting on another couch about 10 meters away.

As far as Samantha K is concerned, there has always been something about foreigners speaking Chinese with heavy Beijing "rrrr"s that drives me nuts. Another thing is repeatedly using the rapid-fire “dui,dui,dui,dui,dui” during every conversation.

Say what you will about Jeff Locker, at least the dude can speak Chinese.

Yeah, I met Jeff once when I was a cameraman for a cooking show he was a guest on. He seemed like a nice guy, but I have to admit I haven’t really seen him on TV much since I don’t watch a lot of TV. His Chinese is very good indeed. I could barely detect an accent at all.

But I am straying from topic a bit, since Jeff isn’t exactly a local pop star. My vote goes to Zhang Zhen-yue for that honor.