Poll: Is this offensive?

Posting for a friend, and also curious. As a brand, a product, is this “OK”?

The brand is sold by Europeans.

I have 2 thoughts. Conflicting. I can see people being upset and sensitive by a white person making a cartoon, about a race their race decimated, for profit.

On the flip side, it is a cartoon and frankly i couldnt care less on something so innocent.

But some people do get triggered by this. And this does seem valid to be fair. So, what do you think?

White Euro company using a cartoon depicting North American first nations for their product image. Cool, or not cool?

  • It is OK.
  • It is not OK.
  • Other (Explained in discussion)

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Companies are white?


Not ok in this day and age.

That would never fly in the US.

America is in the “woke stage” of de-evolution.

Here are some native iconography that has been removed recently due to butt hurt feelings.

Cleveland Indians


I picked other

As noted above, in the current climate it is definitely not ok

At the same time, it isn’t explicitly offensive

At still the same time, why this logo? Coffee comes from Africa, and isn’t grown in North America. An Ethiopian cartoon goat would make way more sense as a logo.


So, not not offensive, not offensive, not a good logo anyways.

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It depends. Is this company trying to avoid trouble down the road? It is a caricature and in a modern woke culture not ok in the US, or even many European countries, I would say. Personally, I think it is fine.


Indians drank coffee before the settlers arrived.
Learn something every day on this forum.


If you have to ask if it’s offensive, it most likely is.


That’s what I was thinking. It’s just a crap logo. And why does he/she/it have a freakishly long tongue?

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Proposing that kind of logo in Canada, these days, would get you fired pretty fast. Unless you convince them you’re on drugs – maybe then you could get a reprieve.


They might think you had lost your mind and offer suicide


I voted “not okay” because the longer I look at that face (?), the more terrified I become.


Nothing is offensive per se. There’s just offended people.

Like said above, that design wouldn’t fly in North America. In Europe fewer people would have a problem with it. In East Asia nobody would care.

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Has strong Peko vibes…she could literally lick her eyeball like a gecko.


I mourn the loss of the Land O Lakes logo, which was iconic and didn’t seem offensive unlike the Cleveland Indians one.


I’m not offended. I imagine some might be though, and I think it’s a shit, outdated logo.

I wouldn’t even immediately identify the weirdly drawn face as Native American either, tbh, especially on a product that has little to do with Native Americans. I’ve seen “better” drawings of stereotypes.


The Land O Lakes logo could be folded over horizontally so her knees look like breasts.


We could almost have a thread for sneaky things artists slipped in. Like the Coca-Cola guy doing a line

Who says it’s that? North American first nations don’t have coffee. It’s more Brazilian Amazon related.

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They roast it. Many people roast coffee.

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