Poll: Is this offensive?

I see you’re also a man of culture.


And the packs of Camel cigarettes (maybe) have the guy with his weiner out. (it’s the front leg of the camel that makes the man)
Culchur is my middle name.

Unless you are PM


I did see on sale in Canada, on the Amazon canada web site.

And you don’t think they drink it? :thinking:

… become Mayor.

What is the value of asking non Native American Indians if that logo is offensive? We are all just white knighting it here.

It’s a picture on a box. Certainly doesn’t offend me. Ask the people it portrays and you may get a different answer.


So they should change the logo to something like this:


Did you check out the review commemts?

Should be hot chocolate?

Maybe that’s not the “Brazilian” he had in mind :wink:

White facing? White washing?

Who’s on the box? Winnetou?


However you name… It’s a bunch of white people saying what is offensive to Native American Indians.

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Any white people here getting bent out of shape about the offensive logo would be white knighting. I don’t think there are any, though…

Anyone offended?

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I voted “It’s OK” but who am I to judge, back in my home country they are still selling this margarine brand and it’s known to everyone as “Palma z Murzynkiem” (Palm with a little black boy)…

I’m sure it was not designed to be racist or discriminatory on purpose, but it should definitely be retired, same as Darkie toothpaste here in Asia, as it was created in different times and it’s not appropriate anymore…

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Because it is more often than not white people get high and mighty and cancel people. I thinking asking white is exactly on point for a business decision lol. Especially when white people are the majority of their sales in that country I would think. Scandinavian I think he said.

Bear in mind I was asked to post this as a business decision, not so much if we are personally offended I guess.

But I think he got his answer. As a business decision, it is a bad idea to sell this in white countries (ironic as that may be).

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I say bring all the originals back.

I’m not offended by any of the ethnicities depicted.

No white knighting from me, like ever!

Aunt J


Two wongs

Uncle Ben

Mrs Butterworths

Wait…what color is Mrs. Butterworth?