Pollution in Taiwan

So I’ve read about the pollution issue in Taiwan.
I just wanted to confirm what I’m seeing on this website reflects what you guys experience.
Is the pollution in Taipei bad?

From this website… generally Taipei doesn’t seem that horrible…

Its not that horrible, and improved a lot in the last 10 years.
When it comes to air pollution most times it’s fine, better than other major metros in Asia.

Hi. Slightly related to this…
I read recently about efforts to reduce cigarette smoking in Taipei around certain areas such as convenience stores and coffee shops etc.

Macau used to have all smoking casinos but now they are smoke free!
Taipei is not that bad…we just wore face masks sometimes while waiting for a bus!

Hmm okay. Cause I was there once in Taipei. I don’t remember it being shitty. What I do remember is walking areas in Taipei where it just smelled like shit… but that’s not a pollution issue that’s shit issue.

But just to clarify would you say that website is fairly accurate, or way off?

There’s no evidence it improved a lot, some places got worse most likely.

That website is just reporting live data ?and can be used for any country, and some areas look quite good in Taipei, even compared to Australia. I would not go by this. Agreed some parts are worse than others… industry and geography contribute. The smell on streets usually the drains venting and gets worse when hot! Like this many other places in Asia.

I follow the pollution level daily for the last 6 or 7 years (since I installed the pollution app) Most days Taipei is fine.
If I compare Taipei to when I got to the island 13 years ago, now is much better . Back then hardly any clear skies, mostly hazy and smog.

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I dont know , when I moved back to Taipei five or so years ago I found sometimes it was worse than what I left. I don’t feel it’s improved at all really. What you call clear skies aren’t clear usually. There’s a haze that sits permanently over the city and the sky isn’t usually clear blue but milky blue.
Sure it’s not anything as bad as Taichung or Kaohsiung that’s for sure.
Taipei is usually hazy, you can tell that by looking down on the city from an airplane or the hills. That’s just a normal day.

Hazy is like Los Angeles. I’m from LA. So if it’s like LA than I’ll say it’s not that bad.

Winter is comming, and his get really bad IMO, summer was ok in Taipei, I avoid walking too much because old scooters (toxic and noisy)

Winter is usually worse cos add in China brown cloud.

It uses official government data and it’s legitimate. Believe it or not, sometimes the air here isn’t too bad. Average and maximums are way worse than sparsely populated developed countries obviously.

Not as bad as china but pretty bad compared to a non polluted country. If you go anywhere near a road the smell is disgusting.

A “non polluted country” such as…?

europe? japan?

That’s just 臭豆腐. Smelly, but not bad for you health.

i have no qualms with chou dofu! smells hella good to me. which is probably a sign i have been here too long…

Europe is not a country, and I have no doubt that air pollution is worse in parts of Europe.

i’m from England and i’ve been to several European countrys. that is my reference point. i never even saw pollution until coming to asia.

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