Pompeo says he will release Clinton emails

Looks interesting. Wonder what’s in them?

When do you think Mike Pompeo will commit suicide?


Barr has already announced apparently no political revelation before the election, the rest of the Washington machine would be best to do the same, Pompeo is a part of that machine.

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Well I guess Hillary Clinton definitely won’t be elected President this year.


Yoga…grandkids…you know. All the good stuff.

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It would have been fun if Madam had been elected president and Guccifer had never publicly outed her for using a home computer to conduct high level government business. Presumably she would have continued her practice as president since “she wasn’t breaking any laws” by doing so.

Meh, is that what happened?

Where IS that guy now?

He’s in a US prison after being extradited from Romania.

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The original was real, the Guccifer 2.0 was such an obvious fake, thats the guy supposed to have hacked Hillary Clintons emails.

The 2.0 should have been a tell for anyone in computers, a 10 year old tag only out of touch imbeciles would think up, the first release of proof was Trump opposition research, it was a stupid narrative.

What a waste of tax payer money on partisan BS


Yeah, well it motivated Hillary Clinton to create a Trump Russia collusion to distract from her e mails, so kind of relevant, derailed US politics for a few years.


What does this have to do with Biden or the 2020 election?


What does your comment have to do with this thread “Pompeo says he will release Clinton emails”


Sorry, I meant to say: why is he releasing them right before the election. Because it’s got nothing to do with Biden

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The starkest evidence that the fix was in for Madam was that her security clearance wasn’t revoked after emails containing classified information were discovered among the emails deleted from her home computer.

So people say hillary was evil because she did some shady email shenanigans on a computer not secured for said emails. Aka, they could be hacked and made available to people.

The logical counter is to make emails available to people to discredit her even after she has quit running. Am i missing the logic?

And Ivanka did the same thing. But logic is lacking in hyper-partisan Trump supporters.

Don’t worry, the DOJ won’t look into it because she’s Republican. Barr has destroyed they institution as now it’s only available for political hit jobs.

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Seems legit… :rofl: