Pondering at the meaning of life

Alleycat pointed out that life is meaningless somehow in his reply to Johnnie’s lonelyness.
I come to thinking that I’d better start a new thread that ponders the meaning of life. We’re all dead by then when we understand life:)

Back in 1999, I was on a praise worship in Palawan, Philippines. Reps from all over the world, all walks of life, all size and age, all colors and races met in a Jungle in Palawan Island.

I was lucky to be there and share thoughts with many complete strangers. We quickly became good buddy and share thoughts about life.

There’s this Indian guy that suggest life is about learning. It’s like once bitten twice shy, we learn from our past mistakes.
He suggested that I take notes of each decision I made in my life and the result of the decisions. In the long run, I can go back to the and review the chronicles and by doing so, understand myself better.

The first step to understand life is to understand yourself. I think the second is to understand the mother nature. The Chinese saying goes “Zhi ji zhi bi, bai zhan bai zhong - Know thyself and thy enemy, hundred of war, hundred of victory”.

I might say…I still ponder at the meaning of life now…

Life is…


life… is.

that’s good enough for me, especially considering the alternative :slight_smile:

The meaning of life is to create more life.

Loneliness is a state of mine, Do what Johnnie does, keep walking, drink more Johnnies Walkers

Life’s meaning is what you make of it…

Do you know how you felt at your 21st birthday? When everybody was slapping your back and you didn’t have a care in the world. Or how about your best mates 21st, when you chose the right words to describe your buddy and brought tears and cheers from all those there. Or your brothers wedding?, when everyone was there, and you were just happy to see him happy. The time when it was christmas eve and you ran into 20 conversations from the bar to the bathroom. Remember the backhand return that you sent back down the line when you were 17, you’ll never do it again, but jee it felt good. Or how about that footy game, when we didn’t even have a chance, then he did this, and they did that, next thing the siren went and we’d won. When your kid did it, and it was because of what you’d shown him. The pride of it all. The meaning of life? Mate, I’m 27 and have got enough good memories to retire to the rockingchair. Grab some piss, go and hire out ‘Rudy’, give a couple of mates a call, and enjoy life.

Nicely said amos!

can’t help laughing at this one:)

Procreation is one of the purpose of life, but not necessarily the meaning of life:)


Pondering the infinite is a crappy way to waste a day

Dear Mr. Chainsmoker,

Since you have time to post here…we should know who is wasting a day here:)


Don’t get yer panties in a twist. Reread my post. I meant something different than you think.

call me indifferent.

Immune to humour, more like.

I’ve thought about it much, what did you mean? It reminds me of something I read somewhere one day.

“Why chase something limitless (knowledge) with something limited (life)?” or something to that affect.

only other thing I came up with is that if crappy is substituted with good, you’re still wasting your day. Hmmm… maybe that’s what it is :!:

All I meant was that we have a finite period of time to exist so there may be better ways to spend it than worrying about the future, death and the afterlife. Or, to put it another way, it makes no sense to whine about the fact that it all comes to an end if you are not taking full advantage of the little time you have.

Chainsmoker - you overlook the possibility that whining about it all is indeed the meaning of life. Nevertheless, I prefer to think life’s meaning is a good meal, a beautiful woman, and a bottle of fine wine. I may be wrong, but I’ll do further research on my theory tonight with the wife.

God: The meaning of life is…
Us: Finally. Oh Lord, we have been waiting for so long.
God: …Whining!
Us:What? Gimme a break. That sucks! Why can’t we have something cool like that Valhalla thing. Man, I ain’t diggin this monotheism bag.
God: Very good my children. You understand. See ya!

Life is a crossroad. You never cease making choice of which road ahead.


[quote=“antonxie”]Life is a crossroad. You never cease making choice of which road ahead.[/quote] Your life sounds miserable. Steer onto a bit of open round and you can really let it rip…

What is marriage for?

Procreation and recreation

LOL… :wink: