Post your Christmas wishlist

I want:

  1. brass knuckles
  2. those leggings that are ruched up the asscrack so your booty looks extra big in ‘em
  3. $8000



None of us are going to get Christmas presents. We’re too old to receive. My wife’s forgotten to get me my usual cigar this year, which is fair enough as she’s been really busy.

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Your guns aren’t big enough? There’s murder and then there’s supermurder.

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  • Not having to get up at 0530 just so I can have 20 minutes of peaceful bathroom time without some woman fucking bangin on the door telling me to hurry the fuck up
  • A donair joint
  • My 30-year-old knees
  • AC in the room where I iron


Boooo. Won’t your daughter get anything?

It’s important to set goals in life.


You could always hang your ass off the balcony instead.

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Whilst I understand you’re rooting for the other Team, considering I’m the one that fucking paid for the whole deal, that hardly seems equitable.

ETA: I married a Taiwanese girl, them pipes don’t scare me for shit…

What kind of leggings?

This thread needs pictures.

  1. iPhone 11 pro. The camera is so much better.
  2. Hand made Leather overnight bag.
  3. Hand crafted dress shoes
  4. New alligator band for my watch.


That’s the leggings doing that?

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Next time you come back to Taiwan, go to the Eslite mall in Zhongshan. There’s a guy in the corner on the top floor who makes custom leather goods to your specifications. Gorgeous stuff. You’ll have to shell it out, but it’s worth it.

I know another guy who makes custom shoes that look amazing, too.

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Yeah some leggings are essentially pushup bras for the…gluteus maximus…and maximus it does.


I think it’s not so much push-up as it is just not compressing your cheeks like normal leggings do. And showing the depth of the booty cleavage. They look sick, but I don’t know how comfortable they are…

I was hoping to get it here in Florence. Tuscan leather is famous, although you have to know where as Chinese have bought many places and sell cheap quality to tourists.

In Taiwan?

Yep! Charges more the bigger the shoe, though.

Ouch, but makes sense for people who don’t make in bulk. Wonder how much it is for US 11.5

My friend seems to like them and likes them cause it makes her butt look big. She likes to wear them when she is working out and making her guns big.

I could ask. I wear a size 5 and I think I’d have to shell out a cool 4000-5000 NT for a pair, so probably double that. I’ll find his insta.

Good for her! :muscle:

They do make the booty pop. That’s why I want some. Might be too shy to wear them out, though.

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A good pair should be at least 300$ USD imo. I wouldn’t expect to pay less than that.