Potentially racist videos allegedly posted by TAS students

To be clear, I am not looking to dox anyone or to find you any personal information about anyone. However, I get an odd email from TAS today, and was wondering if anyone here has any further information, because it seems like I will not be getting any more information about this from TAS. The email from TAS says:

“ Many of you have written to me to express outrage at some recent videos allegedly posted by TAS students. Please know that while we are required to treat matters of potential student discipline as confidential the Educational Leadership Teams of the Upper and Middle School - as well as Drs. Dodge and Nelson - have been meeting with me to address the situation.

Please also know that TAS does not tolerate racism and discrimination in any of its forms. In addition to disciplinary consequences that may result from student behavior, we are committed to ensuring the inclusion of diverse voices in our curriculum, and to making sure our students are aware of and sensitive to issues of race as they arise in both Taiwan and the United States. The school clearly has work to do on this front and our administration and faculty will be working together to address those challenges with the seriousness and depth of commitment they require.

While we are unable to comment further on cases involving specific students, you can expect to hear more about those community-wide efforts in due time.”

TAS have got their jab in first. The videos, if there are any, will be put onto youtube soon if not already by someone claiming outrage rights. Good corporate play by


With minors it’s best they are given a chance to deal with it before it’s blasted all over the Internet. Might not get that chance though .

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What more information do you want, and why?

I’ll let you know if I hear any scuttlebutt.

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I’ll call a TAS High School teacher I know and see if he’ll spill the beans.

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I shall dress as a 13 year old Taiwanese girl and infiltrate those halls of learning…


Wouldn’t it be easier to just impersonate a plush toy? :thinking:

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But I’d still need someone to carry me in. How would I get past security?

I’d be happy to help, but the hernia’s been acting up.


I heard a rumor that this was made it to English news in Taiwan.

No you didn’t.

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Didn’t you see the blue banner? What kind of a way is that to welcome @justlooking to our community? :slight_smile:

What, you don’t think it could have? Did you check the Taiwan News

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I checked everywhere. No news.

I can however confirm this is a thing and TAS is handling it.

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Yeah, I just checked again and can’t find anything.

If you can confirm this is a thing, do you have any information about the nature of the “thing”?

No, all I can say is I can see mentions of it on alumni social media.

I’d bet it was rather egregious (as these things go now). If it was minor or equivocal, they would have swept it under the rug in time-honored fashion.

Bound to be blackface type stuff.

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Maybe those local guy’s recent videos? I’d bet more extreme though.