Power trios

I contributed to this lengthy feature on power trios.

See how your favorite trio rates or get angry that they’re not mentioned.



The Dirty Three.


Great work!

I never thought of the Ramones as a trio.

I love Husker Du and saw them a few times, but “Two” is too high for them.

The Police could replace The Shaggs if you want a little more power in your power trio.

[quote=“zender”]Great work!

I never thought of the Ramones as a trio.


There’s a real good reason for that.
Poor Doc 'Dacus (Curse you, webslinger!!™), he’s biological, the whole numeracy thing never really took with him…

Great to see the mighty mighty Kings X get some appreciation.

C’mon. The Jimi Hendrix Experience are without doubt the greatest trio of all time. Period.
Glad to see Husker Du up there. Blistering stuff.
I would have rated Big Black, The Minutemen and fIREHOSE higher.
Dinosaur Jr deserve their position.
Violent Femmes would have made my top 50.
The Police? Aren’t they a reggae band?

Glad to see Victoria, B.C’s NOMEANSNO highly ranked.

As indeed good to see the classic Thin Lizzy three-piece lineup.

What about Buddy Holly & the Crickets?
or The 5,6,7, 8’s?

As for Hendrix, I prefer Band of Gypsies. Buddy Miles could outplay Noel Redding on any given day.

And Husker Du: one of the most oustanding bands of all time!

with the Ramones, it’s not the three members (where would Dee Dee fit in then?) but the three CHORDS, you ninnies.

But for the purists outthere, if I would have to limit myself to enumerating the actual number of people on stage, i could not go past the original and the greatest punk band from Melbourne, X.

Ian Rilen (bass, really big fat heavy amp-blowing gut-wobbling bass), Steve Lucas (guitar, an ugly old humbucked home-made square block of wood in all its banshee wailing glory), and Cathy Greene (drums, always smiled, wore pretty girl clothes and long blonde hair, and never sweated or dropped a beat, something unheard of in most hard hard punk bands)

I found The 5,6,7, 8’s boring live when I saw them play Ho-Hai-Yan. The Dirty Three played that same show and appealed to me more. Horses for courses.

I would have rated fIREHOSE higher too

Definitely Rush and Cream.

For musicianship, those two are hard to beat.

Rush isn’t exactly my style (used to be), but you got to respect 'em.

Good to see Grand Funk in there. The first album I ever bought was that red one.

Violent Femmes?

This guys needs to go back to school if he thinks the Police and nirvana shouldn’t be on there…I’ll go back to reading back issues of Rolling Stone now… :unamused:

The Police?
A Power Trio?
I suppose that means Depeche Mode deserve a place as well…

The Police could replace The Shaggs if you want a little more power in your power trio.[/quote]

I love quoting myself. :laughing:

Actually, The Police are not the first thing I think of when I think of Power trios. However, The Shaggs are one of the last that I think of.

The Police really started out strong. I think my three favorite songs of theirs are the first three songs on side A of their first album. (Next to You, So Lonely, Roxanne)

So, what are your three favorite The Shaggs songs?

Wiki says:

A power trio is a rock and roll band format popularized in the 1960s. The traditional power trio has a lineup of guitar, bass and drums, leaving out the rhythm guitar or keyboard that are used in other rock music to fill out the sound with chords. While one or more band members may sing, power trios usually emphasize instrumental performance and overall impact over vocals and lyrics.

The rise of the power trio in the 1960s was made possible in part by developments in amplifier technology that greatly enhanced the volume of the electric guitar and bass. The prototypical power trios were exemplified by late 1960s-era blues-rock/ hard rock bands The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream. Blue Cheer, in its most popular configuration as a power trio, was said to have adopted that format after seeing Jimi Hendrix perform at the Monterey Pop Festival.[1] Well-known 1970s-era power trios include the Canadian prog rock group Rush; the British heavy metal band Motörhead; and The Jam and The Police.

Your list has ZZ TOP, it needs no one else…

Sharp Dressed Man…all the rest…mere pretenders…

OK, for those of you who are unrelated to any members of The Shaggs or The Police, you may vote for your favorite. First, I offer you a taste of each.

Here is “Who are Parents” by The Shaggs.



Here is “Next to You” by that famous reggae band, The Police.


Which do you think better belongs on Power Trio Island?

Let the voting begin.

The Shaggs sounded very much like Yoko Ono. E-Gads!
My first thought when I read the article is that ELP wasn’t there, but I can accept the fact that they are not a power trio.
The James Gang was always underrated.

So, who ya votin’ for, Doc?

C’mon! Get off the fence and vote! :smiley:

[quote=“zender”]So, who ya votin’ for, Doc?

C’mon! Get off the fence and vote! :smiley:[/quote]
Well, I liked the police song.