Practical tips for living in the (sub)tropics


Well, it sure is if you’re a gecko.


Ya. Great for armpits too!


Ve know vy else you vill be mocked!



Well, if you’re going to do that, make sure you have no cuts or open sores on your feet. Otherwise you would need to wear, um, foot gloves, which arguably would defeat the purpose.

Or just abstain. :innocent: :rainbow:


Urine is sterile.
If you’re going to make this planet your new home, you should really brush up on the indigenous fauna’s physiology. :no_no:


The key word is in bold, Rocky. Or was it just a Freudian slip?


That’s an awful long walk just to find out the store only has Taiwan beer, man.


I came late to the thread. :idunno:

Anyway, here’s a Tropical Tip of the Day:

When you start thinking it’s too hot, remember how cold it is elsewhere on the planet.


Good post!

I always try to remind myself of how much I hated Toronto winters.


It is 17 degrees in the ol country. Or what indoor AC blast on full feels.

It is already snowing in Hokkaido. Poor people after the quake, living in shelters… and get a cold wave.