Predictions about the Forumosa of the future

With all the predictions about what the Year of the Dog will bring, I thought I

No way this will happen, smelltheglove. No way…

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Dragonsprog, offspring of the first couple brought together by Forumosa, will start posting here and will form a club with Maokid and other yet-to-be-born progeny of Forumosans.

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creating a kid forum where they bitch and moan about the differences of how their parents raise them and what’s better – Western lunches or the school biandang.


There’s something about those two usernames that I’ve thought about for a while but never dared post. Why isn’t Dragonbones’ SO just called Dragonboned? :laughing:

The winner of the 1,000,000 posts award will go to the Tigerman, courtesy of the Tigerman Bot 2020, an advanced AI version of Tigerman indistinguishable from the real Tigerman.

The forumosa of the future will have width adjusted for convenient reading on the future version of cell phones - holophones.

Some posters will be directly descended from original posters way back in 2005.

The banner ads will become so profitable that forumosa pays us by the thread to read.

People who have not arrived yet will be telling newbies about how easy their lives are and bitch about how they had to walk all the way to a 7-Eleven to get a decent box of frozen macaroni and cheese.

Oldbies who haven’t even been born yet will talk about how the Taipei MRT was still under construction during their first year here.

We’ll be reminscing about Taipei 101 when it was still standing back in the day.

Tigerman is not here in 2019. @Icon is the closest to the 1,000,000 posts award, with 30k posts now.


I haven’t received my payment yet…


This has kinda happened with Discourse :+1:

  1. Gen. 1-1.5 Forumosans begin to suffer health complications typical of a geriatric and spend more and more time in the hospital, where they reminisce about the opening weeks of Carnegies, the 921 quake, Chiayi girls they had their way with in the mid-2000s, TU, and the Roxy of yore.

  2. AT&T sells off WarnerMedia. The new owners see the value of owning theaters. The “Warner Village” is re-born.

  3. Salaries remain stagnant

  4. Taiwan’s visa-free program is cancelled as Covid-19 resurges. Visa runners marry themselves into Taiwan.

  5. A bright entrepreneur decides to open a bar with lower drink prices that reflect the realities of the market.

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But he was not that good at accounting and had a bad landlord that overcharged rent, went bankrupt, had to leave Taiwan for the Philippines where he opened a beach bar, selling cheap rum cocktails.

This is actually sorta true, right? There was some teenager who came asking about his Dad who taught English here in the 2000s and died a few years ago iirc. His Dad either posted here a very long time ago, or posters here remember his Dad. I wish I could remember who the poster was. I don’t think they stuck around more than a couple weeks.

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He accurately predicted smart-phones, but had a huge miss with the laughable name of ‘holophone.’

There’s still time! Holophone future.

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This poster is almost (a direct) example of this

One day, many of posts here will be from people who are dead.

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One day, all of the posts here will be from people who are dead. :ghost:

(Robots excluded, of course…)