Prepping for coronavirus quarantine - what's in your closet?

If you are self-isolating or under imposed quarantine, do you want to be prepared in advance “just-in-case”? If so, for how long will you stock for? What’s your guideline for quantities and what essentials are to be considered for this prepping?
Here’s my strategic stock - enough for 2 weeks. Rice and oil are already in ample amounts in the kitchen while there’s extra meat, cheese and frozen fruit in the freezer.
…what does your prepping-cupboard look like?


Took a trip to Costco and RT-Mart at the weekend - partly regular shopping, partly…just in case. We should be good for a couple of weeks if need be. Rough list of what we currently have in stock (for 2 people):

  • Minced beef, 5 kg
  • Chicken breasts, 3 kg
  • Steak, various kinds, maybe 8 packs (not sure exactly, girlfriend bought them)
  • Tuna, 4 tins
  • Sausages, couple of packs
  • Rice, 5 kg
  • Pasta, 3 kg
  • Noodles, loads (not sure exactly, girlfriend bought them and went a bit mental - maybe 30-40 packs)
  • Bread, various types, maybe 1.5 kg
  • Cheese, various types, probably 2 kg
  • Milk, 4 L
  • Yoghurt, loads
  • Tinned tomatoes, 10 tins
  • Ketchup, 3.75 kg
  • Frozen berries, 6 kg
  • Orange juice, 6 L
  • Salami, maybe 0.8 kg
  • Oil and butter, loads
  • Wholewheat crackers, 4 large packs
  • Beer/cider, maybe 5 L (not a big drinker, and have some whisky etc. if I become one)
  • Coffee beans, 3 kg
  • Tea, loads
  • Bottled water, 12 L (could probably buy more, but we have a filter so doubting we’ll need it)
  • Cleaning stuff like bleach and isopropanol, several bottles
  • Vitamins, various medicines (paracetamol and loads of random stuff)
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I dried some vegetables like broccoli and it looks a bit like…



It’s now a ‘spice’

So you’re not planning on carrying that stuff across a border, right?


how many in your household? and may i ask, are you a pack of wolves with all that meat? everybody knows the average human can just rely on ketchup and beer. little humans = more ketchup, big humans = more beer.


Just the two of us haha. To be fair, part of that is just the Costco sizes - I only usually get around to going once every one or two months since all of the branches are a pain to get to from our place. So I just fill a couple of backpacks each time and lug everything back in a taxi. It’s actually just a bit more than a regular trip.



I bought an additional freezer at Costco and loaded it up with BBQable meat. Got 15 cases of whisky for internal disinfection.

KFC and McDonald’s should deliver until the last days prior to the apocalypse, but if they stop, I am ready to have a good final 180 days.


I am really not worried about food. Even Wuhan still had relatively stocked supermarkets during the height of their outbreak, and South Korea still has UberEats with 6k cases.

For me, it’s more about hygiene products, such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, diapers for the kid, stuff like that.

Maybe I’ll turn out wrong and I’ll starve to death, but I highly doubt there will be any serious food shortages, especially in Taiwan.

If I do find myself in a situation in which I need to self-isolate (unlikely as I don’t have any travel plans), then I’ll go on a 2 week UberEats binge. Sounds fun!


I think I went a bit overboard, but that is my nature. Dropped about 60k at Costco on food, cleaning supplies, household products, pet food, etc that should last me close to a year. We are 2 people, mostly vegan and we grow our own veggies. My next plan is to be totally sustainable, with solar panels and water from the river. (We live in the mountains next to a river).


Are the wrapped boxes yours?

No need for clothes right ?

Yes. Costco will deliver it to your house, so they package it

How will you keep the fruits and veggies? Do you have spares freezers?

I went by the advise of buying things you would normally buy, just in larger quantities. That being said, there are two things I bought that I normally wouldn’t get, a bag of frozen berries, and 6 pack of SPAM.

I think I probably didn’t need to get the SPAM, but I got the frozen berries just in case it is no longer possible to head out and buy fruits and veggies.

I bought some SPAM too. First time in my life.

I have a friend who actually loves the stuff. If I don’t need it eventually, I’ll give it to him. His idea of fun is slicing it very fine, laying it on his tongue, and then sitting back and letting it dissolve “like chocolate”, he says.

Yes, he’s weird. And a sailor. I think they often go together.


I think that comes after the epidemic.

If things got that bad, I guess I’ll be having berries rolls wrapped in SPAM.

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