Pro Tip: Best thing ever for insomnia and anxiety


CBD oil. Vape it, or CBD infused edibles or beverages.

Got a huge tub of CBD gummy bears off of Groupon for 20 bucks the other day (about a hundred plus :bear:s) and I just take one (or if feeling really bad, two) about a half hour to an hour before bedtime.

You don’t get high like you would from weed because it’s not psychoactive (unlike THC), but it still calms your anxiety and mellows you down. You also wouldn’t be abusing your liver like you would if you routinely down a half bottle of whiskey every night.

You’re welcome.


The best thing for insomnia is putting your smartphone in a different room when you go to sleep.


The lack of iphone does not help with anxiety unfortunately

(Also there are meditation and white noise apps that often work quite well if you aren’t plagued with other conditions)


Or turning it off. :2cents:

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Not necessarily. I suffer from tinnitus, but I only notice it in silence. Having a podcast quietly playing helps me go to sleep or go back to sleep.

Features on your phone that keep you off the internet after a certain time, however, are very very useful!


What’s it’s legal status in Taiwan?


I think CBD might get you into trouble in Taiwan. I’m not sure about legal limits but if THC content comes above a certain percentage… that’s problematic.


Try incorporating some middle- and long-distance exercise as part of your plan to tackle anxiety. Anxiety is about looking forward too much (depression has to do with thinking about your past). Get out there and do something intense for an hour or longer (much longer for cycling). After you reach a certain level of pain, you live only in the moment. If insomnia is also an issue, don’t do this too late in the day. Ultimately and if you get the timing right, this should also help with insomnia.


CBD is not THC, even though they are closely related.


so is it legal? or does buying it risk being decapitated at the river park?
i wouldn’t mind, trying. i used to sleep like a baby back home in england. the street lights turn off at 12pm and most people are asleep, it felt weird to be up late. here being up late is pretty normal, theres always something going on outside. so i find it hard to sleep.


It could easily give you a positive on a THC test and they are starting screening for cannabinoids, I wouldn’t dare try it I Taiwan . If you are importing it you might be flagged as well.
Whether it’s legal, not sure but I would say unlikely.


If Buddha can use it it must be OK.

Buddha online


Interesting, that formulation is for overly yappy dogs. Supposed to be zero THC.


So are CBD products available anywhere in Taiwan?


No frigging way

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2 months after its arrival in the mail – Still only have gone through 20% of it. :relieved:

I’ll eat 3-4 and it typically kicks in within the hour, when I’d get sleepy and good to pass the F out.


Lol at the non-gmo label.


Magnesium supplements are good for feeling relaxed and sleeping well. L-theanine works, too.

My friend used to take valerian root but it smells like sewage and it gave him freaky dreams. The magnesium seems to work better.


I thought CBD is illegal in Taiwan?


Could you elaborate on this one?