Proper Kebab - Where art thou?

Just curious if anyone has ever found a proper Turkish kebab…at least like the ones the Turkish and Iranians sell in the UK or in the Antipodes. Really tired of weird modified spring rolls. Any tips would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Are you looking for a restaurant that sells it? And where?

Yes, preferably in New Taipei City area. Just can’t find any good place.

Have you tried Safranbolu?

60 Nanjing East Road Section 2, Taipei


Every once in a while we get to visit a cart where the guy produces a delicious shwarma-type thing after a masterful flurry of slicing from a lamb bit which is grilling(?) in an upright rotisserie.

It’s not a regular setup, but we’ve seen it a few times in Zhongli not far from the train and wish we knew a regular place that did this.


I think I’ve eaten from that before. I can’t remember where, though.

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Also this one Shishlik Pita x Kebab 西西里克中東串燒(餐館店)


No, sounds like I need to. :slight_smile:

Seems like another


That place is decent - I’ve been there a couple of times. The owner is pretty friendly too.


Argh. Facebook’s changed their rules for what you can see, haven’t they? I can see the event above - but now if I try to click through to the restaurant’s page, I’m told I have to log in to Facebook, and can’t see any information. That didn’t use to happen. But I haven’t logged in to Facebook in several years, and hope to avoid doing so ever again.

Well you’ll have to now! Ha ha ha!

OK, here we go

Event by Europa 小歐洲

No. 1-1 Alley 6 Lane 170 Section 4 Zhongxiao East Road Da-an District, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

Europa 小歐洲

Saturday at 6 PM UTC+08 – 2 AM UTC+08

11–18°C Rain Showers

Price: Free · Duration: 8 hr

Public · Anyone on or off Facebook

Do you miss late-night drinking and eating Turkish Doner Kebabs? Just like we used to do it in Berlin, we are presenting you Doner Kebab and All-U-Can Drink Night at Europa!

Do not miss this night of great drinks and eating Doner Kebabs. We will have lamb-beef flavor and chicken flavor!

Our Doner Kebabs are entirely homemade with our own homemade Pide Bread. We will also have tahini, yogurt and spicy chili sauces!







Did anyone else try this? I headed there late and found it to be a pretty decent kebab! (If a little smaller than I was expecting.) The mixed drinks were pretty decent too.

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I just passed the former location of the “new” 23 Kebab store (or 22 Kebab, or whatever it was called) on Shida Lu and saw that it’s very recently been closed and replaced with a pork intestine thin noodles store lol. That didn’t last long!

Did anyone try this place, or the other branch around Gongguan? I never made it there myself, out of the expectation that I’d be severely disappointed by a Taiwanese attempt at the art of kebabery.

Edit: I think I remember now that it was “22”.

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Love a proper authentic kebab. That’s what I grew up eating. Also, mansaf, knafeh and lahmacun are among my favorites. Any and all recommendations would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

How bout proper authentic Middle Eastern food in general in the Taipei and New Taipei area? Love lamb done right. Thank you.

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Thanks for the laugh. :laughing:

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I used to satisfy (or more than satisfy - see below!) that urge by going to KL a couple of times a year, but that hasn’t been an option for a while now. :unamused:


there are a handful of middle eastern places in Taipei, maybe 1 or 2 Turkish restaurants, nothing to write home about…

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