Proposed New Immigration Measures (January 2023 edition)

Nothing on adding us to jiubao?

Tando are any new news about this act in the legislative yuan?


an article on their schedule

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Tando are any development regarding the passing of this act in the yuan?

the comittee agreed to send the draft to the whole yuan. I don’t know when it will be discussed in the plenary sitting.

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Thank you so much tando

Tando may i ask what is the meaning of adjourned in the yuan?and in the next session there will be another discussion or what so ever…im asking this so that i know how do they process regarding any laws that has been approved

No one is blaming the immigrants. Those who break the law in any country may face consequences. Except of course the USA where being an illegal immigrant is welcomed.

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If you are already holding more than one citizenship only need to renounce one of them lol

As you knew that then why did you apply to naturalize? I also had a NWOHR myself so I understand how ridiculous the whole process is.

Renunciation exacts a heavy toll if you cannot resume.
You are not the only one cursed with choices.
I renounced my birth citizenship when there was no resumption possible.
The toughest choices require the strongest wills. The weak willed simply give up

Immigrants are easier to blame because they can’t vote, have no voice and is easy to dig up nationalist fervor.

Taiwan is not targeting immigrants. There are hundreds of thousands of them. Removing overstayers and those here illegally if the prerogative of any government. One would assume you know something about that being an illegal deported from another country yourself.

Australia also has a DACA program. Deport Another Criminal Alien.


the discussion is paused and resumed after the break, iiuc

party negotiations completed

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Tando is this completed negotiations between parties if i understand and read correctly meaning the immigration act itself has been passed in LY and waiting for the implementation?or its only an agreement between parties only but the immig.act didnt passed?

Idk why these activists are advocating refugees intake when refugees most likely have never heard of Taiwan lol.

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We’ll still get the refugees who confused Taiwan with Thailand.

Bills are usually read three times at the whole yuan. the act already passed the first reading, and discussed at the comittee. the comittee also passed it to send to the whole yuan for the second reading. before they discuss it at the whole yuan, parties did some negotiation and agreed to have the second reading at the whole yuan. if it is passed the second reading, the bill is almost passed in LY. if they find any problems, the bill is send back to comittee, or rejected.

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