Buggrit. I forgot to plant pumpkins this year.[/quote]

Bit late now. :wink:


Yeah, pity. What with all the foreigners here looking for pumpkins, I could have had, erm, about $858 in my pocket by now.


Easy to grow, though, and great weed suppressors. Grow me a big one for next year and I’ll give you $50 for it. :laughing:

Seriously, in the Wellcome on the first floor here they had these tiny ones you could hold in the palm of one hand. They sold like hotcakes.


For those of you who’ve got your pumpkin, take it to the next level.
20 seconds of fun, 2 hours of cleaning up.


Yeah, probably var. Baby Bear - aren’t they cute? I actually have a packet of them and completely forgot to plant them.

Jackpot! I can finally retire to my pumpkin patch.


There are organic pumkins for $80/kg at Grateful Growers, here: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … 6#p1235806. We’ve gotten some good pumpkins from them, and will be making a few pumpkin pies to sell in November.


Spotted at the Wellcome on Anhe.

$35 for the tiny ones.


Man i do love pumpkin pies !! Soon as it becomes a rage in Taiwan there will be pumpkins up the kazoo.


Good grief, tommy, you love pumpkins that much? :astonished:

Personally I think pumpkin pie tastes awful, but there is a thai concoction (made with a similar-but-different kind of squash and coconut milk) that’s really good. If anyone knows what I’m talking about, let me know what it’s called - I haven’t seen it for a while in restaurants and I’d like to have a go at making it.

Incidentally, thanks for the Grateful Growers link, DB. Looks like they have some nice stuff - thinking about doing their ‘farm tour’, if I can be bothered to go down to Nantou.


not all pumpkin pies are created equal. In fact I think its quite challenging to get a great pumpkin pie, but when you do, its really really good :slight_smile:


Great info here. Do any of you fellow pumpkin/fall/Halloween lovers know anywhere in Taipei I can find candy corn??? Wellcomes, Carrefours, Breeze, SOGO and the seasonal stores don’t seem to have it. Obviously this isn’t an essential item… I don’t want to give up hope quite yet. Invite to my Halloween party and free candy corn to the first person who knows :slight_smile: !!!


Dunno but I’d try Wellman’s first.


[quote=“Tiger Mountaineer”]Spotted at the Wellcome on Anhe.

$35 for the tiny ones.[/quote]

I went there tonight and there were only 3 left. I picked up 2 of them, including the one with the eyes taped on in the pic.


Been looking around, haven’t seen any good leads lately. Where can I find medium/large pumpkins in or near New Taipei?


I have seen quite a few at the traditional markets. How about the flower markets? They have veggie sellers too.