Puyuma train derailed in Yilan (21 October 2018)


Damn that looks bad. At least there were no deaths at the scene.

Is that the Crayola factory in the background or a kindergarten?

Lucky Art Crayon Factory
270, Yilan County, Su’ao Township, 海山西路500號
03 990 7101

EDIT: dumb joke before I realized how serious this is. Nvm

The news just now said three people are dead and 30 more with serious injuries.

Holy shit… what happened?

Somebody just told me 14 dead.

That was quick…

Now 17 O_o

Darn, the rail just pierced the train.

Anybody can give a brief explanation on what happened?

Sorry, 3 dead and 14 dead on arrival.

God this is awful. When’s the last time an accident this serious occurred here?

Deaths are now confirmed, so you were right.

Any idea of how this happened… or what exactly happened?

It was a Puyuma, going very fast, passengers heard an explosion.

From my rudimentary Chinese it says something like that the train was preparing to pick up speed but shortly after the rail bent and broke, and pierced the carriage causing the train to derail. At the time most people were dozing so they weren’t at all prepared for the situation. Also before reaching Yilan, there were the train decelerated suddenly and the power was unstable.

Does anyone know what OHCA means? A lot of passengers are in that condition.

They are taking people one by one.

Puyuma travels at top speed of 150 km. Each car can carry 30 people. 5 cars are completely destroyed.

Out of hospital cardiac arrest.