QR checkin app

So I need an app for event checkin using a QR code in these twubbled times. Any idea what everyone’s using?

This one is being coordinated:

I am using Google Lens.


What do you mean by it is being coordinated? I take that to mean the gunmit have written a LINE app after all, is that correct?

I already used it , but only works with QR codes that are from the CDC (Is going to have a CDC logo and the store code number on it) ,

In order to Scan the store QR code You need to first add the Line Taiwan V-Watch COVID-19疫苗接種 and then check on the main page and look for “實聯制掃碼

After scan the QR code then you will receive a SMS notification with the store number , something like this
EDIT: the system send you some Chinese words to your SMS folder but then you have to send it to 1922 (is free of charge)

Is easy to scan and don’t need to write any name , phone number , or any other additional info , however it seems that each person need to scan the QR code



Thanks for the info regardless. But this was disappointing to read the app is another half-baked solution.

Opposite. Your phone sends an SMS free of charge to 1922 with the store number.
That way they know you were there at that time.


Ohh yes you are correct ,
It was kind of confusing because after scan the QR code then i thought it was done but then the system send me to my SMS folder and appears the Chinese words and store number , then I have to just send the message


You can test it using that QR Code in the second photo above. Doing it via LINE seemed too complicated for me (I am not an avid LINE user).

So I went hunting for an ad free QR Code reader and the Google one works a treat. Just Scan, Capture, Send.


Hm, I wonder what that QR Code is for? It’d be an amusing cock-up if somehow it leads to a record of everyone who tested it being present in some Wanhua hotspot. And we all get alerts that we were contaminated by each other while sitting at our computers at home.


Judging by the location number, 1s interspersed with 1234567, it looks like a dummy location paired with that QR code, that was probably used during development of this app.

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I certainly hope so. But, if it were a real location and an IT cock-up, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.


Actually that was the first thing I did this morning with the QR code from the store but didn’t work , also i saw some people having problems scanning with the “add friend” line QR code scanner , so some eventually give up and write down their info in a paper

maybe it depends on the QR code , so that is why I used the scanner on the Taiwan V-Watch line

You don’t acutally need Line, any QR code scanner would do. You then have to click send to actually send the SMS to 1922 with the store ID. Or you can just text message the store ID to 1922.


Anyone think the government launching their own tracking QR code has made it more of a faff?

Before, using 7/11s own, I could scan, put my name and number and be in the store in 20 seconds.

The government one has just added more needless steps to what was a pretty simple process.


Kind of dumb question:
Do you have to write your name when sending the text? Where do they get that info?

No. They can get it touch with you by calling your number or ask the mobile phone company for your details. All sim-cards are registered to an ID number.


Great! Thank you :slight_smile:

Samsung’s camera app has an integrated qr code reader.

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