QR checkin app


There’s no need to download an app to scan QR codes, on iPhone at least.

Just open the camera app, point it at the QR code, and it will give you an option to tap that sends the text message.


It all comes down to the responsiveness of the app and how well it handles poor resolution, shear or glare. If you won’t want to be the one holding up a line, having a good dedicated QR code scanner (one that’s not made by a Chinese or Hong Konger company) helps.

I was attending a funeral this weekend, and several less tech inclined elders were stuck with their iphones and Line. I mean who wants to be the one responsible for keeping all the guests from getting into the funeral home and out of the pouring rain? That’s why I kept suggesting not to use the scanner from Line because the scanner that came with Line just sucks.

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Thanks for the tip. Took me awhile to find the Google Lens function in my Android Camera App that allowed me to read QR Codes and send the contents in an SMS

Up to this point, I was using the QR Code reader in my LINE app and was getting frustrated at all the steps to get the Contact Tracing information sent out. This way is faster

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Taipei Pass Instructions:

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Just got this warning in a group chat

As some Internet scam gangs may paste fake QR Codes in front of stores to steal people’s personal data, the Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau warns people who use QR Code scanning for their real name registration to make sure their SMS texts are going to send to “1922” before clicking to submit:


I managed to register with this when it first got posted by scanning my aprc and everything, only to remember that I live in NEW Taipei. Therefore it doesn’t seem to let me scan the stores here. Is that right, or am I doing it wrong?

I can use it in Taichung just fine. But I prefer another app I have.

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I’d just stick with traditional scanning QR codes if I were you.

Now it is working. Maybe I used it on the wrong qr code the first time

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The official Taiwan Social Distancing app got an update and can scan contact tracing qr codes now!


More info on 1922 SMS contact tracing service:


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